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Property Management

Certified Property Management Designation



Certified Property Management Designation

The Certified Property Management Designation training and coaching program with Tim and Julie Harris are all about exploding your sales, gaining more freedom, and realizing predictable monthly cash flow. If you are only working with buyers and sellers then you are only serving half of your potential real estate market. But what if you could start serving 100% of your real estate marketplace? That’s what the CPMD course does.

Not only do we walk you step-by-step down the path of success, we also provide you with an entire back office of forms, letters, manuals, advertising, and marketing pieces. All the information you need to get up and running smoothly and quickly. We like to say if you can copy and paste, you can manage property because the hard work is done for you.

Students who enroll in the Certified Property Management Designation program are looking for more and better ways to serve their clients.  Our CPMD students are building long term, unbreakable, bonds with their clients.  And they are getting paid while serving those clients and building those bonds.

It's a wise move to create multiple streams of income, and with the Certified Property Management Designation from Tim and Julie Harris, you'll benefit from the financial security of regular income along with a great prospecting tool for new client leads. Working with property management customers provides invaluable public exposure that puts you at the very beginning of the customer home buying process.

The simple truth is that property management means networking - with renters, lessees, tenants, and landlords. As these contacts mature into buyers and sellers, as a property manager you're in the best position to pick them up as new clients. Students in this training and coaching program will obtain the Certified Property Management Designation (CPMD).

  • Jonathan J. Newton
    Realty Executives

    I have always believed, if you want to do MORE than what you are doing now, get with those who are doing more and do what they are doing!! That is what I have found. Not only do they have the skills to get you where you want to go but they have done it themselves. Don’t wait, everyday you put this off, you put off reaching your dreams.

Program Overview
  • Learn to create steady, predictable income from property management.
  • Proven property management lead generation systems.
  • How to build your property management team so you can delegate everything.
  • Build additional revenue channels with preferred maintenance providers.
  • Easy to implement Property Management business systems.
  • Service 100% of the marketplace by offering management services.
  • Monthly office-hour sessions, plus anytime access to your coach online.
  • 44 Real estate superstar interviews every year.
  • 1,000+ Documents, with instant access to our complete coaching library.
  • 1,000+ Hours of audio coaching, interviews, and other downloads.
  • Flexible class schedule with coaching call replays available for immediate download.
  • Professionally trained, licensed & experienced coaches lead you through the course.
  • Proven lead generation systems, intense money-making scripts, objection handlers, etc.