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Real Estate Administration Designation

The Real Estate Administration Designation training program from Tim and Julie Harris are for Licensed and Unlicensed real estate administrative assistants, as well as for any agent who has a strong desire to systematize their business. Students of this course create the Operations Manual for their team’s or their own real estate practice.

Checklists and accountability are created so each student’s business runs more efficiently, effectively and profitably. Learn the Customer Service skills and scripts for greater client satisfaction and increased referrals.

If you’re a Realtor who might need an update on your knowledge so that you can adapt to these market changes, then I recommend very highly that you enroll.
Sue Hudson, Maximum One

Course Features

  • 4 Live, personal & intense coaching calls each month.
  • 8 Office-hour sessions per month, plus anytime access to your coach online.
  • 22 Daily motivational messages a month. Mini-coaching calls to start the day right!
  • 44 Real estate superstar interviews every year.
  • 1,000+ Documents, with instant access to our complete coaching library.
  • 1,000+ Hours of audio coaching, interviews, and other downloads.
  • Ongoing monthly training & coaching program, with no long-term contracts.
  • Flexible class schedule with coaching call replays available for immediate download.
  • Professionally trained, licensed & experienced coaches lead you through the course.
  • Proven lead generation systems, intense money-making scripts, objection handlers, etc.
  • National network & referral directory for Tim and Julie Harris agents.