Jason Ramsey on Virtual Assistants

Jason Ramsey joins us to discuss virtual assistants, and how outsourcing can save real estate agents time and money. Jason and his brother founded MyOutDesk, which is becoming one of the most recognized virtual assistant companies for the real estate industry. We learned about Jason and Dan’s company directly from many top coaching members.

MyOutDesk is a San Diego based virtual assistant company that was created by brothers Daniel and Jason Ramsey. The company, which started in 2008, rose out of the receding wave that people in the Real Estate industry refer to as the Tsunami. For those who did not have a Real Estate company then, perhaps the tsunami came at a different date and time, but the major collapse of the financial system marked the end for many small businesses and real estate companies, if not most.

With over 70 clients all across the United States, MyOutdesk.com has, without a doubt, become the leader in Real Estate outsourcing for real estate virtual assistants. Their largest client main-tains a team of 14 Virtual Assistants, while most have 1-4 working back office to ensure that their businesses are running smoothly and successfully.

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