We started this year off with a bang and today we conclude our show on how to take action and make the most of the fresh, new year!

Your business plan should already be underway, but there’s still things you can do to make sure the year starts off right.  On todays show, we finish up the final 7 things for you to take action on before January gets away from you.  These are the things that will set you up for success, remind you of why you’re in this business and create accountability and systems.  The result?  Less mess, less stress and the commission checks of a Superstar agent! If you want to be a top producer in 2017, you’ll have to think – and ACT – like one!

On todays show we’ll cover more visual reminders like dream boards, your daily schedule and the all important ‘spokes on the wheel’ method.  The word of the day is systematize and you’ll need this, not only in your business habits, but your lifestyle and money habits too!  Finally, we have some awesome book recommendations for you to add to your reading list that will help you understand the importance of all these points and even assist you on pursuing them.

Remember, that your product IS profit!  If you want to make more of it, you’ll have to buckle down and do the things you’ve never done before.  When things get hard, recall that even the top producers in real estate do all 10 of these basic actions steps.  You can’t build a business without a strong foundation.  Our 10 Step Success Plan contains all the building blocks you need to have not only a strong start but an even strong finish!