The average joe homebuyer gets at best, HD quality online photos of their prospective home, and the rich get re-touched, glossy ones along with high-end drone footage.  But what do the super rich get?  Bloomberg Real Estate reports that the very, very rich are getting the latest virtual reality walkthroughs as one broker pulls out all the stops to sell his Malibu listing.  

“Standing in the living room of an oceanside $57.5 million home in Malibu, Calif., Jack Ryan, the founder of REX, an online brokerage, took in the view. ‘The only way you can sell a house like this,’ he said, as the shimmer of the Pacific glinted off gleaming white lawn furniture outside, ‘is have them walk through it, either physically or virtually.”

After founding his low-priced, online brokerage, Ryan found that selling to the ultra-rich was going to be an international affair, as at least 50% of prospective buyers for his listing were likely to be found in far off financial capitals of the world.  

“To reach that elusive group of the super-rich, Ryan had to get creative, which is why he decided to pay Legend3D to map the house and create an interactive video. ‘If someone’s in Moscow and sees a picture of this home, they say, ‘Eh, it’s over in Malibu, all I see is this photo; I’m not enthused,’ Ryan said. “But if we send them a 3D, fully immersive experience, they can really see the waves and get a feel for this house and say: ‘it’s perfect for me.’”

Most people are familiar with VR in the world of gaming and movies, but it turns out that its become an increasingly popular sales tool among those with the cash to produce them. With varying degrees of visual quality, options and technology, virtual reality is being used as a tool to attract buyers to mansions like these as well as give them a virtual reality experience for the settings outside their immediate front door.  For agents with listings in the ultra luxury category, virtual reality is the next big thing to get those listings in front of a buyer sitting a world away.