Think you’ve seen it all? Take a look at the newest, most expensive listing in all of America – a palatial modern palace in Bel-Air, overlooking the Pacific ocean.  The price tag? Hold onto your Dom Perignon…an astounding $250 Million dollars.  CNBC takes us inside and around the best kept secret in Los Angeles in their special report…

“CNBC can reveal that the 38,000-square-foot mansion in Bel Air, California, will officially come on the market this week — eclipsing the current record holder, a $195 million mansion in Manalapan, Florida.”

Hard to believe with its massive size that only a handful of top brokers, celebrities and billionaires have seen it, but this home (can we even call it that?) is truly in reach for only the wealthiest in the world.

“The home has 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, six bars, a massage room and spa, fitness center, two wine-champagne cellars, the most advanced home theater in any U.S. home, and an 85-foot infinity pool.”

Now, we’re all hoping and praying that a friend of a friend of a friend will buy it and somehow we’ll end up invited to the housewarming party!  If that wasn’t enough, part of that price tag includes millions of dollars worth of art, $30 Million dollars worth of cars, the finest place settings, and even a staff of seven for up to 2 years time!  

Who, you say, designed such a masterpiece of luxury and living?  Meet Bruce Makowsky, an ultra-wealthy developer who envisioned not just a ‘house’ but a ‘curated lifestyle’ that would be for the global billionaire.  


“I wanted to redefine what super-high-end luxury homes are all about,” said Makowsky, who built his first fortune from a handbag and leather goods company. “I wanted to break all the molds. The level of quality and attention to detail in this house is unsurpassed. And I wanted to create the greatest feeling that you can have being at home.”

Check out the video of this incredible home and we think most will agree they could be happy here!