You’re always going to encounter objections from your prospects – that’s just a given part of being a real estate agent. So the question is what you’re going to do about it. Are you going to wait for the objections and then give them a pained look while you try to wing it, or are you going to plan in advance how to handle them?

We want you to memorize, internalize, and customize the scripts below to use in handling FSBO & Expired listing prospects. These are proven, trusted objection handlers that have worked for hundreds of our members over time. They will work for you!

FSBO Zinger 1

Mr. Seller, let me ask you a quick question. If I could find the buyer for your home, take care of all the selling hassles, and closing challenges, Mr. Seller, I would personally work with all the hundreds of people that are part of every home sale AND the check that I hand to you at closing is MORE than the amount you would earn selling it on your own… (in other words, Mr. Seller, I take care of everything for you) and you actually walk away with a bigger check than if you were to sell the home on your own, why wouldn’t you list it with me?”

[Well, if you can do that, there would be no reason for me not to list it with you.]

Exactly Mr. Seller, listing the home with me is clearly the smart thing to do. When would be the best time for me to stop by so we can get started, today at 4pm or would 5pm be better?

FSBO Zinger 2

Mr. Seller, I agree that you could sell this home yourself – I am sure you could – but why would you want to if you could list the home with me and I would actually net you more than you would selling the home on your own? Mr. Seller, listing the home with me just makes sense because you will make more on the sale.

FSBO Zinger 3

Mr. Seller, if listing your home with me resulted in you making not just a little more on the sale of your home, but up to 16% more on the sale, you wouldn’t still want the hassle of selling the home on your own would you?

[Well, how can you do that?]

Great question Mr. Seller, when I stop by today at 5pm I will bring with me the report that was published by the Unviersity of Texas that proves the average FSBO actually nets 16% LESS (selling their own home) than the same home listed with an agent.


So, Mr. Seller, because I can actually make you more on the sale of the home is there any reason you wouldn’t list the home with me?

FSBO Zinger 4

Mr. Seller, why did you decide to sell the home yourself?

[To make more money. If I don’t have to pay an agent, I make more on the sale of the home.]

Ah, of course, that makes sense. You are thinking that when you sell the home yourself and don’t pay a commission, you will net more, correct?

[Sure, real estate commissions are a lot.]

Mr. Seller, commissions are a lot and frankly you shouldn’t pay a dime unless doing so would mean you would actually make more on the sale of your home, which you will when your home is listed with me. So, Mr. Seller, my question for you is if listing your home with me would result in you netting far more, (in other words, the check I would hand you at closing would be far greater than what you would get selling it yourself) why wouldn’t you list the home with me?

[Well, if you can do that then I would list it with you.]

Of course you would list the home with me. Would today at 4pm or 7pm be better for you?

Expired Zinger

Use this when the Seller is trying to hang up on you. For example, “we decided not to sell/decided to rent it/decided to hold it off the market etc.”

Mr. Seller, I appreciate the fact that you decided to_______________ but let me ask you a very quick question. If there was a buyer for your home, the perfect, non-contingent, pre-approved, great buyer, and this buyer would pay your asking price and close in 30 days or less, Mr. Seller, this is the buyer you had been hoping for. You would at least consider selling the home to this buyer, wouldn’t you?

[Yes, do you have a buyer?]
Well, I might, Mr. Seller, if this buyer were to buy your home where would you go next?

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