Real estate investing and building a portfolio has long been accepted as one of the top ways to build wealth in America. As the years have gone by, prices and interest rates have skyrocketed, lending has tightened and the ‘average joe’ has found themselves left out in the cold while larger commercial investors have snatched up the opportunities.

On todays show, we talk with the CEO of HomeUnion, Don Ganguly, who has developed an online real estate investment platform that matches private investors up with properties in markets they can afford, with risk tolerances they can take.  HomeUnion will research the markets, acquire the facts, assess your risk preferences and even manage the property you purchase so you can avoid the headache of being a landlord!  If you live in a market that is exorbitantly expensive for you to invest in, HomeUnion could be your solution for building your real estate portfolio.

The good news doesn’t stop there, though!  If access to profitable investing wasn’t enough, HomeUnion also rewards agents on a professional level through their ReaLoyalty program.

ReaLoyalty is a wealth creation program for real estate professionals. It allows them to earn commissions on investment properties in markets outside of their jurisdiction. Many Realtors’ clients may have even expressed interest in investing in real estate, but do not see the returns they’re looking for in their markets property offerings. That’s where the HomeUnion can help.

By referring their home-seeking clients to HomeUnion, they provide them with access to a fully vetted database of SFRs to fulfill their investment goals. All the while, agents collect a commission on any purchases they make. All agents have to do is refer their clients, and earn a commission; HomeUnion does all the work.

If you’ve ever thought of investing in real estate, but couldn’t find a viable way to do it, HomeUnion could be the answer to your wealth creation as well as your clients!


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