You thought you had it in the bag.  Slam dunk.  #ForTheWin.

And then, you heard words from the seller you weren’t expecting at all…”We’ve decided to go with another agent.”  GASP!  What?  In your nervousness and embarrassment, you get off the phone as quickly as possible and your head begins to spin in a hundred different directions…

“Yeah, well, they weren’t that motivated anyway.” 

“Let the other agent fight them for a price reduction…the house was never going to sell for that!” 

“They must know that agent from ______(church, little league, rotary).” 

And the list goes on.  Sadly, none of these reasons are actually true.  It’s comforting to think that they are.  Its certainly easier on the ego, but allowing excuses like this are only covering up the real reasons you didn’t get the listing and never prepare you to grow so that this never happens again.  Is it really possible to take nearly every single listing you go on? You’ve been told so many times that if you get 50% of the listings you go on, that’s a good average, but is that true too?

Really?  You believe that 50% is a good average?  Would you accept 50% from your kid at school or your colleagues at work?  It’s not acceptable in real estate either if you want to have a business that grows and provides regular, steady income.

It’s a fact that listing agents make more money and have more solid businesses and more free time than buyers agents.  The more listings you have, the more security you’ll have mentally, financially and emotionally.

It’s also a fact that becoming a great listing agent is the hardest, most skill based,  highest paying part of your job.  Not becoming one is a liability to your career.

So, what are the top 10 reasons agent don’t walk away with signed contract?

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