Deepak Chopra, the New Age guru who advocates wellness consciousness in our overall eating, exercise, relaxation, etc. behaviors and habits, is offering us the opportunity to actually live in a wellness building system.  Chopra, along with the Property Markets Group, S2 Development and Delos Consultancy, is creating the first ever ultra-luxury residential project to be designed and constructed around human biological well being and preventive health criteria.

Chopra’s residences, the Muse Residences, are the first of seven such conceived buildings now being constructed in Sunny Isles, Florida just 30 minutes north of Miami.  The Carlos Ott designed, 65 story building with a parabolic glass tower is expected to be completed in 2018.  The price of each residence begins at $5M and the price of each two, full floor penthouses is $20M.  Already, 70% of the 68 units (including the two full floor penthouses and seven Chopra residences) in the building have been pre-sold. That the majority of the units is pre-sold is quite remarkable, particularly in Miami where there is a glut of available luxury condominiums.

Interior living area in the Chopra-designed condo at the Muse Residences.

Chopra believes that “…biological living is the next revolution in real estate…the wellness features and technologies we are designing (into the residences) will enhance both the physical and emotional well being of the homeowner…”  Focusing on how an actual building affects human biology may have huge implications…better aligned people, happier people at home, more productive people at work, more meaningful relationships with family members and friends.  Delos Consultancy, one of the Muse partners, intends to provide answers to these and other questions as it is in the business of measuring design principles and techniques to meet science based wellness criteria.

The kitchen and dining room in the Chopra homes at the Muse Residences.

The Muse Residences project “…merges real estate with medical science by placing heath and wellness principles at the center of design and construction decisions,” says Paul Sciallo, CEO and Co-founder of Delos Wellness Real Estate.  Each unit will have Circadian lighting systems, state of the art water and air purification systems and Chopra finishing selections of paint colors, fabrics and textures to most effectively mimic nature and align mood.  Such amenities go a long way in targeting specific high net worth buyers, specifically the international buyer base omnipresent in South Florida.

So, the real question is who among us wouldn’t want to live in a space that, according to Deepak Chopra, will “…collectively improve energy levels, hormone balance, heart rate, sleep, respiration patterns and dietary rhythms…?”