In 2008, Laurie Loew created Give Realty, a philanthropic real estate firm, in Austin, Texas. The idea then, as it continues to be today, was to create a better place by “…fostering philanthropy through home ownership. We inspire our clients to engage in the nonprofit community and encourage long term involvement with that community.  We help our clients realize that in achieving their dreams (through acquiring their dream home), they can help those facing adversity achieve their own dreams as well.”

Certainly, other realtors and other real estate firms contribute to nonprofit organizations in their respective communities BUT no realtors and no realty firms contribute to their communities the way in which Great Realty contributes.  Here’s how it works…

Loew (as well as all the Great Realty realtors) sells a home for $200,000.  The commission of $12,000. is split among the listing and selling agents so each realtor involved with the transaction earns $6,000.  The Great Realty agent then gives back 25% of that $6,000., or $1,500., to the client and the client in turn writes a check of $1,500. to the charity of her/his choice.  The client makes the real donation, the client writes the real check to the chosen nonprofit and the client gets the real tax deduction.

Since 2008, Laurie’s Give Realty has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity.

Since 2008, the height of the housing market collapse when Loew created this program, Great Realty has been instrumental in some $617,500. of clients’ donations to nonprofit organizations in Austin.  The beneficiary nonprofits are ecstatic as are the Great Realty clients.  One such client said, “Loew’s work ethic and perseverance make her our only realtor.  Her giving heart makes her our friend, not just our realtor, for life.”

In 2015, another reality shared the spotlight in Loew’s life when she received a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer.   Up until that point, her commitments to her business, her clients, her community have been “…all consuming.”  Now, however, Loew says that “…what I’ve learned this past year has everything to do with relationships…time with family and friends is a high priority for me.”

The relationships and interactions Loew has enabled with Austin’s nonprofit community through her Great Realty colleagues and clients are the foundation relationships she has with her friends and family. “Nothing and no one can be taken for granted…we believe in living conservatively and giving generously so that together, we can make the world a better place.”


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