We all know the power of the ‘Coming Soon’ message in the world of marketing.  We’re exposed to it on television, in retail stores, and at the movie theater.  And the message works, right?  They give us just enough information and images to get excited, make a mental note and then put it on our list of wants and desires, anxiously anticipating the day of its arrival.  When the day comes and the doors open, we’re there!  What if the listings we took were marketed like this too?  The fact is that every new listing should bring you three new transactions, whether they are other listings opportunities in the neighborhood, listing or buying leads from the open house you held, or a buyer or seller from your call capture system!

In todays fast moving market, many agents are losing their ability to prospect and generate new business off their listings because they’re simply moving too quickly!  On the one hand its great news for the agent and the seller, but it also poses a problem for agents who want to build inventory off of each transaction – the easiest prospecting of all!

We have a solution! On todays podcast, we’ll show you how implementing these strategies in your tight market will give you back your lead generation opportunities.  First, let’s start with the goals of this ‘Coming Soon’ plan of action:

  1. Create reverse days on market!  What’s that?  Listen to the show to learn more!
  2. Sell the home yourself.  It’s obvious why, right? 
  3. Control your time.  Think mental labor rather than physical labor! We’re not anti-buyer, but we are pro-having a life! 
  4. Less hassle during the escrow process.  Don’t believe this?  Hear the startling statistic Julie shares from one of her own students who did the math! 

We talk about all these goals in detail, as well as reveal our first four ‘coming soon’ strategies for you to start using right away.  Julie also shares an inspiring email from one of our members who used the ‘Coming Soon’ strategies (and more!)  to sell himself to a FSBO.

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