Do spreadsheets make your head spin?  Would you rather have a root canal than try to analyze all the numbers going in and out of your business?  If so, you’re not alone and our guest today, the VP of Sales & Service, Gabe Cordova from Firepoint, tells us how they can make this all a distant memory for every budding entrepreneur out there!

Building a brokerage from the ground up during the market crash and taking his team to 800+ transactions a year, Gabe’s passion for leading and teaching others helped fuel his vision for Firepoint. With 13 years in the real estate business, Gabe and CEO Chris Tamm knew agents needed one program to analyze their business and Firepoint was born. If you’re tired of paying for multiple platforms to run your business, spending money on marketing but not seeing any return, or frustrated with trying to manage your team and all the incoming leads, this show is for you!

His story is like many agents, out there hustling to build a business, but never really sure where the money was going and missing out on opportunities.  With just as many failures as successes, Gabe shifted his passion from selling real estate to helping other agents realize the power of Firepoint.

As Gabe shares with Tim Harris on the show, Firepoint as a CRM is just the jumping off point.  What else does it do?  On the front end, it houses lead capturing IDX search sites to draw prospects away from those ‘other’ sites and get them focused on yours, but it also answers the big back-end questions like “Who are my leads? How long have they been looking at property? What are they looking at?” and more.

One of the toughest things for agents to manage is lead follow-up, and while you still have to pick up the phone, Firepoint has all the automated and timed emails or texts to keep your prospect engaged and in step with you!

What’s the secret weapon to being a top notch entrepreneur?  The numbers and accountability!  Listen to the incredible stories Gabe shares about his own personal wake-up call when he realized through Firepoint’s system that something wasn’t adding up and the victory for one team leader who turned a simple Firepoint feature into training gold!

Don’t waste another day messing around with clunky systems that don’t (or can’t) do it all in one place!  Whether you’re a solo agent or a leader of a super-sized team, your product is your profit, so don’t let it slip away.  Listen to todays show to get the skinny on everything Firepoint has to offer and take advantage of their free demo see what it can do for you!