During this Fourth of July week, the American Flag is proudly displayed in front of homes in neighborhoods across America.  We recently stumbled upon a way that Old Glory can hang inside the home all year long – and it’s the perfect closing gift to remind your clients of the freedom that was won so that their American Dream of home ownership could come true! What’s so unique about these flags? Each one is handcrafted here in the States, using only American materials and tools, by a combat veteran.

Retired Air Force pilot, Brian Steorts is the founder of Flags of Valor, which is entirely owned and operated by combat veterans.  When Brian was injured during deployment, he spent several weeks unable to wear the uniform bearing the flag that he was so used to having on his shoulder each day.  When he tried to find a replacement flag, it was made in another country.   For therapeutic reasons he began making is his own and Flags of Valor was born.

Intentionally employing only veterans has given Brian an opportunity to provide veterans a way to transition from military lives to civilian lives, keeping a sense of the camaraderie they felt in their previous military missions.

Flags of Valor is more than just a maker of a quality American product.  The company has three distinct messages it hopes to deliver through those flags: that Made in America still matters, that Veterans are an untapped resource, and that there is joy in giving back. They live out these principles daily and are a shining example of entrepreneurship.  In one interview, Brian says, “Getting to be an entrepreneur is a privilege, but getting to work with America’s finest is an honor.”

After being featured on ABC World News, Fox News and being invited as a vendor to the Republican National Convention, their sales have taken off and they’ve been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for combat charities.

If the red, white and blue is missing from your home (or a clients), Brian and his team have crafted an exceptional line of products that are sure to impress.  The final touch they put on each one?  A veteran employee signs their name to the back of each flag that was made by their own hands, reminding us that there is a living, breathing price to our freedom.  So, where is your flag?