Ever think about why, seemingly, some people have lots of money and some people don’t? Why it’s seemingly easier for some people to make money but not for others…not for you? Why a certain agent in your market has all the clients and you don’t?  Ever think it’s just the luck of the draw or that he or she had rich parents who just handed them all those rich contacts, while you didn’t have anyone give you anything?

Luck, timing and circumstances do matter but so does having an abundance/rich mindset or a lack/poor mindset.  Here are some key differences between abundance/rich and lack/poor mindsets and behaviors.

  1.  Skepticism vs. Trust – The scarcity mindset tends to have a much more skeptical view of people and the world.  It tends to believe that other people are out to get their money, rip them off, take advantage of them. Having to constantly look over their shoulder to protect themselves is operative behavior.  The abundance (and therefore, rich) mindset tends to be more trusting of other peoples’ motives.  This mindset tends to focus on gaining rather than losing or being cheated when dealing with other people.
  2. Problems vs. Solutions – The scarcity mindset tends to focus on problems, to blame others, to make excuses and to create problems.  The abundance mindset views circumstances as opportunities to take responsibility and do something positive to affect circumstances and/or obstacles.  This mindset tends to search for solutions, not excuses.
  3. They vs. We Mentality – The scarcity mindset tends to separate themselves from the job or the company.  This mindset create an us vs. them mentality and is quick to blame others.  The abundance mindset tends to prefer and create a “we” mentality, one that shares commitment and trust for and from others all around.
  4. Assumptions vs. Questions – The scarcity mindset just assumes…it doesn’t ask questions or do any research to find out how things really are.  The abundance mindset is constantly asking questions to discover things instead of assuming them.  This mindset is a “what if” mindset that seeks possible potentials.
  5. Money vs. Time Importance – The scarcity mindset focuses on spending more time to get more money rather than on the quality of their time.  The abundance mindset focuses on time, experiences and enjoyment of doing what they do rather than on the amount they’re earning.
  6. Criticism vs. Gratitude – The scarcity mindset tends to complain and criticize other people and things a lot.  It sees most situations and people as wrong.  The abundance mindset exhibits an appreciative perspective and grateful attitude.  This mindset takes nothing for granted.
  7. Competition vs. Creation – The scarcity mindset tends towards a “monkey see, monkey do” mentality of trying to do exactly what someone else is doing, only better. The abundance mindset tends to look at alternative ways of achieving goals without comparing themselves to another person’s standards.
  8. Amateur vs Expert Advice -The scarcity mindset tends to seek cheap and/or free advice, usually from un/under-qualified peers who “short change” them in terms of expertise/experience.  The abundance mindset seeks expert advice and is willing to pay for it because it sees that advice as an investment in its own ability to achieve success.
  9. Distraction vs. Thinking – The scarcity mindset tends to seek distractions/diversions such as entertainment, devices, etc. that divert time and energy from real growth, learning, improvement.  The abundance mindset seeks involvements that engender learning, growth, different perspectives, knowledge.

Whatever you think another agent has going for themselves that you don’t, examine  your own mindset in order to adjust your circumstances to accommodate your goal of becoming “rich.”

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