Dave Ramsey: Control is the Secret to Building Wealth

For real estate agents, building a successful business and gaining wealth can be as simple as control.

According to author and radio host Dave Ramsey, you control you. He discussed the topic on The Dave Ramsey Show, which can be seen on the show’s YouTube page.

Ramsey is an American businessman, author, radio host, television personality and motivational speaker. His syndicated radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show, is heard on more than 500 radio stations throughout the United States and Canada, in podcast format, on IHeartRadio, the Dave Ramsey Show iOS application, live on YouTube, as well as live audio and video on DaveRamsey.com.

“Unless you control your money, making more won’t help,” Ramsey said. “You control you.”

Success, according to Ramsey, doesn’t happen by accident. It takes work and planning. Whether it is in your professional or personal life, you have to be intentional.

“To have success at anything, you have to be intentional about it,” Ramsey said. “To build wealth, decisions have to be made.”

According to Ramsey, saving $100 a month from age 25 to age 65 in a decent growth stock mutual fund or Roth IRA, you will have $1,176,000 if it averages 12 percent.

“There is no excuse not to retire a millionaire in this culture,” Ramsey said.

According to Ramsey, too many people who make $50,000, $70,000 or more a year retire with nothing because they weren’t intentional and didn’t bother.

Success also can be as simple as setting yourself apart from the pack. Gaining an edge through a little hard work can go a long way.

Ramsey also notes that if you were paying yourself to manage money and you managed it the way you currently manage your own money, would you fire yourself.

At one time, Ramsey ran into financial difficulties. He points out that once he realized he was ultimately to blame, he came up with a plan that he has maintained for years. Ramsey said he no longer puts himself in a position where he has to rely on anyone.

“I grew up and realized it was my fault. I don’t enter into partnerships anymore and I don’t deal with bankers anymore unless I am buying their bank. The only time I deal with them is to open a checking account.”

Want to follow Ramsey’s fiscal path. He notes that it can be done quote easily. Living without a credit card is simple … have a debit card and live on a budget. He urges listeners to avoid payments and build wealth.

“You control you,” he said. “Have a plan.”