Gabe Cordova, the President of Firepoint, joins us on the podcast today LIVE from Inman Connect in San Francisco to give us the lowdown on the hot topics, the industry buzz and why he’s psyched to be at the helm of the most substantial and agent centric CRM around!

Gabe and the rest of the team at Firepoint, understand the agent mindset. It’s how they’ve built a system that is allowing agents to take their business to the next level, and for some, just allowing it to get off the ground! They understand the fears, the excuses, and the trepidation.  And while they can’t do it all for you (you do have to pick up the phone!), Firepoint has made following up on leads, connecting with them furiously fast, and improving your skills, a one stop shop!

Not sure if you need a CRM? Think its only a luxury? Only for those who are doing ‘big business?’ Think about this: Studies have shown that most buyer and seller leads end up doing business with the first agent they meet! If you don’t have the tools to be first, then it doesn’t matter if you’re 2nd or 3rd to connect – it means you’re last, and therefore, likely out of the picture. So, where does a great CRM like Firepoint come in?

Tim and Gabe deep dive into Firepoint’s three points of lead capture, as Gabe shares how and why they were uniquely and thoughtfully designed to secure as many buyers and sellers as possible into your system. What you can do with your leads after is customizable and cutting edge; even allowing the system to automatically send out property search results to the buyers when you simply can’t connect with them as soon as they come into your portal.  Want to add a quick personal touch until you can really spend some quality time on the phone with them? Get creative and stand out with video message in an email to make that relationship connection!

Don’t sit idly by and lose opportunities because you lack the tools. Gabe says, “This industry is just too expensive to piss away leads.” We wholeheartedly agree!  Listen to the full episode today and take them up on their offer to show you how they can help you become a stronger listing agent right now!