Having just watched Apple’s latest product launch, I was as taken with Apple’s marketing techniques as their products.

Is there another company able to generate the amount of pre-buzz hype on its products as Apple? Is there another company able to generate the amount of speculative rumors from traditional news media, online media and singularly devoted websites to and about its products as Apple? Is there another company that generates customer pre-orders and advanced queue lines for its products as Apple?

There are lessons to be learned here, real estate agents, as there are lessons to be learned regarding Apple’s mixed use of “real life” people, video, photography, graphics, gaming and music at the product launch itself.  I’ve no doubt that Steve Jobs would have been pleased (although he may have shortened the overall presentation) with the consistent messaging all the people and marketing instruments conveyed.

For our purposes here, we’re concentrating on Apple’s iPhone8, iPhone8Plus and the iPhoneX, and you might want to check out for yourselves the new Series 3 iWatch. (Psst…not only does the iWatch have much more in depth and varied health apps and monitors, Hermes as one of its design partners, it’s now cellular and can take/make calls.)

All three of the new iPhones are more powerful, 70% faster and more personal than ever before. (Emojis come to life, your life, with anemoji…check it out.) The iPhone8 and iPhone8Plus are both encased with glass front and back and held together with an aerospace quality-aluminum strip on the sides.   The iPhoneX appears to be encased in glass with no edges whatsoever. The diagonal screen size on the X is 5.8”, 8Plus is 5.5” and the 8 is 4.7”.  All of them have wireless charging capabilities via an Air Power mat.

To compare the features of the three new phones, I suggest going to the Apple web site for the specifics. However, I do want to highlight two important new features on the iPhoneX that we’ve not seen nor experienced before in smart phones.

One, facial recognition that will recognize you as you age and change your hairstyle or hat or glasses, and two, there is no home button on the screen. Simply swipe up on the screen to activate the home screen and/or any app. Swipe half the way up the screen and see two apps simultaneously.

All the phones can be pre-ordered on September 15 and are available in stores on September 22. The iPhone8 costs $699; the iPhone8Plus costs $799; the iPhoneX costs $999. (Samsung’s latest comparable phone costs $965.)

A word to the wise from Decluttr.com…sell your “old” phones now to get a larger return for them prior to the latest phones becoming available.

Another word to the wise, these phones have magical video and photography capabilities. Learn how to use these features and you too will be able to produce marketing tools comparable to Apple’s for your listings.