How do you create a steady flow of referrals and repeat business? Create a twelve-month plan so you can get into action and out of planning mode. In today’s show, you’ll learn valuable tips, tricks & important strategies to follow up with your contacts throughout the entire 12-month calendar year to generate more referrals and repeat business, and ultimately help you grow your business!

FACT: When you look at that awesome listing that just hit the market and you look at the listing agent and ask, “How did THAT agent get THAT listing?” It is almost always because the seller already knew the agent.

GOAL: Be that agent that gets that listing.

FACT: Everyone loves repeat and referral business. The prospect already knows you and trusts you. If you could choose who your next buyer or seller will be, wouldn’t you always choose someone you already know?

FACT: A minimum of 10% of your database should be buying or selling with you every year, assuming that you speak with them regularly. Many of our coaching clients track closer to 40% of their business to their ever-expanding database. You can only get those results when your regular communication is systematized.

Do the Math
If you have 100 names on your list, then yearly you should have ten deals from them. If you don’t, then you either don’t have a great Past Client and Center of Influence plan or you aren’t working your plan consistently. Email is not enough.

When you build your list to 500 people, you can create as many as 50 or more deals per year when you do this right. We have many coaching clients who have achieved this, but they didn’t do it in 30 days. Start now!

Your Expansion Plan Starts TODAY

We’ll show you what to say, what to send, who to meet with, and how. Theme: ACTS OF KINDNESS instead of looking at this as prospecting. Secret: Avoid dependence on electronic communication!

Setting up Your Database

  1. Use Mojo Sells to organize your database and create specific folders. This creates efficiency and organization.
  2. Put your past clients, people from your sphere of influence, and adopted clients into this list.
  3. Commit to adding at least five new people per week to this list from your closings, your clubs, meetings, and travels.
  4. Update this list weekly as part of your job. Commit to never letting it get out of control or outdated ever again.

Set up Your Communication Plan
1. Use Mojo Sells to CALL your database regularly. Take the total number of people in your database and divide by 20. This tells you how many you should call per day in order to make contact with everyone every month. If the number is too big, divide by 40 or 60 until it’s manageable.
2. Use to regularly EMAIL your database.
3. Use to send specific videos to your list.
4. Use Facebook and other social media as a supplement, not as a spoke.
5. Decide which events you would like to commit to and perfect. Decide if these will be monthly, quarterly, etc.
6. Learn the F-O-R-D memory jogger script. FORD = Family-Occupation- Recreation-Dreams. This will frame your conversations and make it much easier for you to ask for business in a natural, conversational manner.

Monthly, Quarterly, or Seasonal Center of Influence and Past Client Event Schedule

  1. January/Happy New Year Party/Winterize your home/etc.
  2. Depending on how your taxes work: Tax Re-assessments/free CMA time
  3. Spring/Buy or Sell with me, Adopt a Pet for Free promo with no-kill shelter or Humane Society.
  4. 4th of July Parades, Veterans Events, Homes for Heroes, etc.
  5. Paper ‘n Pancakes event with food truck and shredding truck
  6. After a disaster/tornado/fire/ hurricane, host donation drive
  7. Bloodmobile with Red Cross event
  8. Pumpkinfest! Host at your home, club house, school or rec center. Partner with a charity for donations.
  9. Thanksgiving Food Drive. Partner with existing food pantry or other charity like Four Square.
  10. Thanksgiving wine, pie, or bread gifts to the top 25 names on your list. Actually stop by, don’t just send them.
  11. Christmas Toy Drive – partner with a Fire Department for special promotions.
  12. Wrapping paper project – “‘Don’t get wrapped up with the wrong real estate agent. Stick with me for all of your real estate needs!” Drop off wrapping paper plus gift stickers wrapped with ribbon and your special message. Make the connection. This can be used for the top 25 on your list or for door knocking in your farm.
  13. Send your holiday cards early. Be the first to send yours!
  14. Play the YES game when everyone invites you to events!

Long-term Expansion Plan

  1. Schedule and attend three to five center of influence events per week in which you can get to know people and be yourself first. Be the real estate agent second.Two of the events should be business oriented like BNI or Toastmasters.Some can be personal hobby related or based on your curiosity. Photography club, book club, adult soccer leagues, hiking club, etc. and charitable organizations are perfect for this.
  2. Update your database every time you meet someone new.Get all of their information so you can include them in your email, calls, and pop-ins.
  3. Always adopt the client from the other side of the transaction.
  4. Use our memory joggers to expand your existing list if you’re one of our coaching students.
  5. Wear your nice looking nametag when appropriate (virtually everywhere), so people ask you about real estate. Don’t be a secret agent.