If and/or when you’ve got “extra” time during this holiday selling season, write and/or blog your way through that “empty” time.


1. Shopping listings and agents on the web doesn’t stop during the holidays.
2. Hyper-local content draws traffic to your website.
3. Content writing/blogging has to be error-free, engaging, fun to read, grammar perfect, detail specific and spot-on.
4. You’re in the real estate business so include a listing/photo or two that corresponds to the great content writing/blogging

Here are some topics (and add photos) by category:

A. Real Estate Topics
1. End of year review by neighborhood
2. Summary of types and prices of homes sold
3. Infographics/charts for easy sharing – try Canva, a free tool for this.
B. Holiday Topics
1. Fun holiday party ideas – tips, recipes, potlucks
2. Local light displays
3. Great lawn displays
4. Menorah lighting events
5. Christmas Eve services with times, places
6. Calendar of events, concerts, plays, performances – include ticket and performance information
7. New Year’s Eve best-of celebrations for families, couples, singles and link to event website
C. Home Keeping Topics
1. Tips on home décor/hosting to make your visitors feel at home.
2. December home maintenance checklist – interview local experts so you can cross-market
3. Organize and de-clutter your storage spaces – perfect time of year to do this as you’re taking out and putting away holiday décor throughout the month
D. Series Blog Posts
1. Twelve Days of Christmas
2. Eight Nights of Hanukah
3. Holiday crafts for décor, gifts, crafts for kids, etc.
4. Recipes for cookies, appetizers, soups, etc.
5. Gift ideas for Her, for Him, for Kids, for Cooks, for Book Lovers, for Various Sports/Fans
6. Homemade gift ideas for food gifts, art, mixes, etc.
E. Free Things to do in neighborhoods
1. Hiking trails
2. Cycling trails
3. Cross-country skiing
4. Caroling
F. Best of
1. Restaurants
2. Bars
3. Music hot spots
4. Spas
5. Golf courses

Now that you’re into it, create a content writing/blogging schedule for every season…
A. January – Health
1. Gyms
2. Nutritionists
3. Health food stores
B. February – Valentine’s Day
1. Restaurants
2. Flower shops
3. Chocolate factories
C. March – St. Patrick’s Day
1. Parades
2. Beer Crawls
3. Corned beef and cabbage restaurants
D. April – Easter
1. Easter egg hunts
2. Easter bunny sightings
3. Easter dinner

All of the above are “freebies.” Your readers are beginning to trust you. Include offers (make sure they’re downloadable) so they can trade your content for their contact information.

Trade-ables can include, resource lists, checklists for specific tasks/topics, worksheet, ultimate guides, maps, whatever