You’re just in time to open the bidding at $100 for the auction of Lil Kim’s New Jersey estate on May 11. Unless you’re willing and able to bid higher, that initial $100 opener won’t stand as the house is estimated to be worth approximately $3M.  But, that $100 opening bid just might get you in the door.

Lil Kim, born Kimberly Jones, paid $2.3M for this home when she acquired it in 2002. Originally built in 1989, Lil Kim poured substantial effort and finances into the home for renovations and upgrades. She’d still love to be able to keep the house but apparently, she struggled to pay the mortgage payments for years despite an estimated net worth of $18M.

HSBC Bank lost its patience with the rapper, songwriter, actress, record producer, model, etc., and initiated foreclosure proceedings in 2010. The two parties entered into mediation in 2015. The judge ruled she was in default in 2017.

This 2-acre property with 6.026 square feet of living space is located in Alpine, New Jersey, just moments from Manhattan, in one of the most wealthy zip codes in America. The median income in Alpine is $2.9M/yearly. High profile homeowners in Alpine include Chris Rock and Kellyanne Conway, an advisor to President Trump.

Though $100 is just an opener, it would be fun to be part of the process if only as an observer at this auction. Likely this sale will generate much star struck activity.