Returning to real estate after a long “vacation”? If you’ve been out of the business for a while, you might feel a bit lost, rusty in your skills, or uncomfortable jumping back into things.

Today we’re discussing a listener letter about some of the challenges involved with getting back into the business after being gone for a while, and how you can overcome these challenges to achieve true real estate success.

Good Morning Tim,

One of the unprepared agents that did not weather recession. Signed up for your program in the last days but it was in essence too late. In process of restoring license after approximately eight years (let it go as I “swore” I would never do real estate again). Basically brand new agent Will be joining Premier Coaching in a couple of weeks. Took to painting and residential home repair when crash happened. Still “one man and a van” operation and have eeked out a living for past eight years. Is there a path to transition from my $150.00-$300.00/day “business” to stability in real estate?
Sucking down your podcasts everyday and fighting skepticism of what you and Julie say (was a Buffininte and KW agent… nuff said).

My wonderful wife and 6 of my 9 children (3 on their own) deserve better than what I have given them. She has given green light to get back in. Therefore, with my age and all that has happened, I’ve got one shot at this. Can’t afford the Coaching but can’t afford not to do Coaching.

Beautiful thing is this is an opportunity to “go back to high school with what I ‘know’ now which is ‘I know that I don’t know’”.
Thanks in advance

David Tatum