What one thing do you really want, beyond wanting even…more of a need or a necessity that you get it?  Have you ever had that burning desire? Do you have it now?  What is that thing?

In today’s show, we’re going to be discussing how to set goals & achieve them, which means creating an action plan to get that thing that you most desire!

14 Steps To Achieve Unlimited Success:

1. Confront your limiting beliefs about money; your worthiness, attachment to other people’s reactions and the potential of being rejected by your tribe.

2. You must be very exact about what it is you want.

3. Set up a specific time frame, a deadline by which you will accomplish this goal.

4. Keep the goal to yourself.

5. Use the goal as a ‘black hole’ of all-encompassing energy, thought, effort and emotion so everything gets sucked into that goal.

6. Become the person who has that goal through the process of earning it. What is the difference between who you are now and someone who has what you desire? Close the gap.

7. Understand that there is a direct relationship between the number of people you have helped to accomplish their goals and the number of your own goals that you’ll accomplish. Quite literally, in real estate, there is a direct correlation because you can do that math! Use your average commission, the number of deals you must do to equal the revenue to fund your goals.

8. Drill down and embrace doing what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at the highest level possible. Actually do it!

9. STOP doing things which you know are holding you back. Examples: -Resisting following a schedule which leads with profit-creating actions, resisting outside accountability.

10. STOP thinking you you have to have PASSION to be successful.

11. STOP believing that your goal in your business is to delegate everything.

12. Write a specific plan of action steps necessary to get to the goal. Take the first steps. You may not know the fifth step, but you definitely know where to start.

13. Don’t stop until you reach your goal. It must become unacceptable in any way to NOT get there.

14. Remove from your thinking ‘try’. There is only do or do not.

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