Tell your real estate clients to HURRY! Summer is almost gone and now is the time to get their homes ready for winter and next spring.

Here is a list of Home Maintenance To-Do’s you may want to pass along to your clients under your branding. Your clients may not thank you now for this list but they’ll thank you once all these takes are completed before it gets too dark and too cold to do them.

  1. Wash and store patio furniture.
    1. Spray and sponge off plastic – scrub metal with a brush and soap.
    2. Wash the cushion covers but make sure they’re totally dry to help protect against mold and mildew in the cushions
    3. Clean the barbecue grill
      1. Detach the gas valves.
      2. Oil the grill’s moving parts
    4. Revamp the landscaping
      1. Continue mowing the grass frequently to discourage weed growth.
      2. Continue watering – AM is best
      3. Harvest r
      4. Fruits and vegetables
      5. Trim trees ahead of winter storms.
      6. Prune plants and flowers ahead of dropping temperatures.
      7. Inspect the irrigation system for disabled sprinkler heads.
      8. Turn the compost pile.
      9. Repair gates and fences.
      10. Ready the planting beds for transitioning.
      11. Reseed the lawn.
      12. Gradually move plants from sun to shad so they aren’t shocked when the temperature changes.
    5. Interiors
      1. Check/replace AC filters.
      2. Check/replace humidifier filters
      3. Turn the lead edge of fan blades downward to push cooled air down.
      4. Clear out hair and whatever else from sinks and tub drains,
      5. Vacuum coils behind thee refrigerator.
      6. Repaint interior rooms/walls now
      7. Reorganize the garage by de-cluttering, sweeping and perhaps adding some shelving.
    6. Exteriors
      1. Check roof and replace shingles
      2. Seal the chimney to keep out small critters.
      3. Locate and block animal access through attic vents and window panes
      4. If house is brick, replace any missing mortar.
      5. Clean any mold/mildew growing on sidings
      6. Check AC refrigerator levels to prevent leakage
      7. Repair sidewalk/driveway


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