How To Defend Yourself Against Commission Cutters!

If you suck at real estate, cutting your commissions is a way to survive. Unfortunately you’re doing it at your own expense & undermining other agents and the industry in general – but at least it’s a commission check (or half of one), right?

The truth is this: some services you don’t want a discount on. Heart surgery, airline maintenance and brake service are all examples. Wal-Mart & Costco both sell glasses, but neither offers Lasik surgery: I wonder why?

Real Estate is one of those services you don’t want to cut corners on – after all, buying a home is the single largest transaction most people make in a lifetime, involving a 15 to 30-year financial obligation and the largest single check most people write every month. Doing it right is way more important than doing it cheap.

In this video short, filmed on location at the 2019 Elite Success Summit in Hawaii, Tim & Julie Harris discuss how to effectively defend yourself against commission cutters, and ultimately it comes down to a combination of competence & service.

“So ask yourself this, Mr Client: what’s MORE important to you? Quickly selling your home for the highest possible amount with the least amount of hassle, or the size of the commission check you write to me? There are other agents out there who are willing to sell your home for less, but that’s exactly what you’ll get from them: less”.

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