Shon Kokoszka is a top-producing real estate professional who’s sold over 4,000 homes and achieved over a Billion dollars in sales volume. He’s built and owned a land development company, home building company, mortgage company, title company and now ICON Coaching.

In this exclusive podcast Shon answers these (and many other) questions:

  • Are real estate teams a dying tend?
  • Is Zillow’s frenemy relationship with agents coming to an end?
  • Why do most agents needlessly struggle financially?
  • What are the 3 biggest megatrends that will affect real estate agents.

Get ready to take notes and be inspired!

As President of Keller Williams MAPS Coaching and MAPS Business training he’s coached many of the top producing Agents and Teams across the globe.

After collaborating in the writing of the ONE Thing which is a New York Times best seller and writing all of the training curriculum for the workshops, keynotes and teleseminar series, he consulted with companies like McDonalds, FedEx, T-Mobile, Sports Clips, Genentech and many, many others to implement and deploy his business planning methods.

Shon is a Master Class Coach who has developed and refined his methodology of business building so that it’s easy for the ICON Coaching clients to double, triple and even quadruple their current production levels.

Shon recently left KW to pursue new opportunities with eXp Realty. Here’s a recent video interview he did with Brent Gove that explains why!