When you think content, think substance, think information, think data, think about the things that matter. Your content for your websites, videos, emails, newsletters and blogs MUST matter.

Your content needs to be relevant to your business, informative, interesting and engaging to your clients and prospects and your content needs to be original and organic that is both optimized and targeted for your market, your services and your specific niche. And your content must be specific to your specific clients.

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“Content slicing” or “particularization” translates into your being specific with your content creation. Specificity in demographics, price points, market conditions, data, square footage, etc. is the key here.

Additionally, make sure your specificity is properly communicated and aligned with your local searches. Simply run a keyword analysis to see if your content language on your website is optimized.

Remember to create content and content language that is consistent across all of your media…your website, your videos, your email, your newsletters, your blogs, your Twitter feed, your Instagram account and however else your business communicates with your network and sphere of influence.

In an article for InmanNews, Christy Murdock Edgar offered advice and tips about media content. Consider what makes sense AND what you would consistently do on a regular basis.

  • Incorporate your content offering with your blog…and update it consistently with specific additions.
  • IF/when you create a video or podcast, post the video and transcripts to your blog with a link.
    • Check out Rev.com to link/embed the video/content to your blog.
  • When creating your blog content, think more words rather than less. Ideally, when writing a daily, weekly or monthly blog, more words are better than less. Think a minimum of 300 words and shoot for 650-1,000 words. BUT, be realistic…consider how many words you can and will consistently write on your content topics on a regular
  • Content ideas for email blasts…
    • Items and features you have on your website.
    • Your last couple/three blog posts plus photos
    • Monthly market updates
    • Special news – Awards, honors, professional designations and certifications
    • Monthly events – include your business events, community events and school events
    • Featured listings – photos & property information
    • Personal words from you
  • Optimize your email blasts by using ideal send times
    • Murdock suggests that older people like to receive emails in the morning
    • Murdock also suggest that younger professionals prefer receiving emails after lunch
    • Consider resending your emails on the weekend for people who are too busy to read your piece during the workweek.

Thanks to InmanNews’ Christy Murdock Edgar for source data.

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