Thank-You for joining the 10s of 1000s of real estate professionals that listen (and download) Tim and Julie Harris’s Podcast every day. Massive Motivation is something most people rarely experience. The type of motivation that you can feel in every cell of your body. Levels of drive and focus that are so powerful and alluring you motivate others almost accidentally. Many people believe that Massive Motivation comes from your mindset FIRST and then (maybe) actions second. The problem with that approach is that most people never have the mindset needed to then know what actions to take. In other words, most everyone does everything in the wrong order. Consider this, do your feelings actually CHANGE when you are in action? Of course they do. Action is far more powerful than your feelings or even your thoughts. Action above all else determine your future…take the right actions and your feelings and thoughts will follow. Try to create actions from your feelings and thoughts usually leads to…more thinking and over analyzing of your feelings. Skip the mindset and get into massive action. Listen now as Tim and Julie Harris present to you Part 2 of the 10 Step Massive Motivation Action Plan.

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