Welcome back! Today Tim and Julie discuss the next 3 points:

10) Be mindful of your ego.

– If you had to choose to be famous or rich….at 20 what would have chosen (what did you choose?) round this up to 30…40…You can only choose one…rich or famous, which did you choose over your lifetime. which do you wish you would have chosen?

– Why do agents build teams, branding, etc. Is it to be famous or rich?

– Ego is the enemy.

11) Be very clear what your product is (profit)

– Profit isn’t everything its the only thing.

– most people/ business owners have not overt plan to make profit. Profit for most agents is whatever is left over. Profit comes first and make all the other expenses fall into line with your profit goal.

12) Libertas = Freedom.

– At the end of the day, when the ego is set aside the one thing everyone wants more than anything else is freedom. Freedom from money worries being #1. What happens in your life if you no longer have to worry/ or think about money. Money becomes like air, water (abundance)…vs gold (scarcity.)

– Don’t believe for a second that money doesn’t make everything better. There are no problems that money can’t make better. None. Text Me: (512) 361-5121

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