Key Highlights

  • Katie Lance, author of #GetSocialSmart, recognized as top social media influencer offers tips to maximize social media presence in 2021
  • Make most out of social media plans to increase engagement and business

Katie Lance, “a top 100 Inman influencer,” offers 9 tips to maximize your social media presence, effectiveness and engagement.

Lance encourages agents/brokers to concentrate on content and context. Your content (information, insights, market data, trends, etc.) is king…your context (social media platform(s), time of day, etc.) delivers your content

Here are Lance’s 9 tips (listed in random order):

  1. Create your social media content plan.
    1. Keep a list of your content ideas in one place
    2. Include content you’ve already published that can be repurposed
    3. Think through how your content will look on different platforms
    4. Schedule specific times to write/create and stick with that time frame
    5. Shoot for 30-60 days of content
  2. Leverage ALL facets of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
    1. Use your personal and professional profiles to build relationships, promote listings and content
    2. Maximize platform groups to extend your sphere of influence
  3. Repost/repurpose your best and your most engaging content
    1. Trust your instincts – you know which content ideas and posts offer your users the most value
    2. Use each platform’s algorithms to know which posts

generated the most clicks

  1. Own your content and make your content your own
    1. Consistency is fundamental here
    2. Your voice is fundamental
    3. Give yourself the time and energy to create the best content you can
  2. Keep building your email database
    1. The goal here is to have your users want and opt in to receive your emails
    2. “Liking” or “following” you is one thing; wanting to receive your emails is another…it’s more committed…users who opt in to your more defined communications want to learn from you
  3. Create three-dimensional connections with your users.
    1. Call them on their birthday/anniversary
    2. Text them
    3. Make your communications about them, less about you
  4. Remember that social media is social.
    1. Be intentional
    2. Be authentic
    3. Be consistent
    4. Be you…do NOT automate this function
  5. Lance suggests posting 3-5 times a week with meaningful content
    1. Give users a reason to connect with you
    2. Use Instagram’s features like IGTV and Reels
    3. Have a consistent and systematic posting schedule
  6. No secret agents here – use LinkedIn
    1. Optimize your profile
    2. Update your expertise
    3. Maximize recommendations by both giving them to others and recognizing others when they give them to you
    4. Build your exposure by utilizing the blog feature and then share that blog content with other platforms


Thanks to Katie Lance writing for Inman.






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