Key Highlights

  • Sanford combines own skills of business know-how, financial savvy and technology wizardry
  • Sanford’s vision controls eXp
  • eXp’s stock shows 100X return in 5 years 

Sanford Breathing Rarefied Air as Billionaire 

Glenn Sanford, CEO of eXp World Holdings,the parent group of eXpRealty, is breathing rarefied air these days.  As soon as eXp’s board of directors announced a two-for-one stock split last week for this Nasdaq-listed enterprise, the company’s stock shares vaulted more than 20% and Sanford’s net worth rendered him, on paper at least, a newly minted billionaire.

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Sanford’s  Unique Skills

How has Sanford, as the co-founder and CEO of eXp World Holdings,created a cloud-based, now global real estate brokerage into such a success?  Under the veneer of subtlety, calm and soft spoken-ness, Sanford has combined his unique skills and aptitudes – business know-how, financial savvy, technology wizardry – with his background in publicly traded companies taught to him by his father and in real estate where he was among the first to develop a successful team under Keller Williams.

eXpRealty’s Agents Do Well When eXpRealty Does Well

Sanford, clearly a lightning fast, insightful and eclectic visionary, has created a cloud-based brokerage that rewards its network of some 42,000 (and growing) real estate agents worldwide with equity in eXp from the get-go.  The result? EXp does well when eXp’s agents do well and eXp’s agents do well when eXp does well.  The brokerage and its finances are transparent, across-the-board fair with no jockeying for “favored” status and based upon two principles…productivity and growth.

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eXp’s Virbela Platform Additional Revenue Source

EXp’s cloud brokerage business also has a cloud office environment component with its Virbela platform.  As Microsoft and Amazon do with their respective cloud office platforms, eXp is licensing its Virbela platform to government agencies and other businesses, a boon to these companies and agencies from the onset of the COVID pandemic and a boon to eXp’s bottom line.

Sanford has created an evolutionary cloud-based brokerage built upon a vision of blending his varied experiences (both positive and negative), his skills/aptitudes in business, finance and technology plus his singular focus to serve eXp consumers, agents, and investors.  And, with Sanford owning the controlling interest and decision-making authority in the company, Sanford calls the shots for eXp all the way around.

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