Principle of Success 1: Developing Definiteness of Purpose

The lack of a major purpose, plan or goal causes people to fail and get lost in their life journey. Definiteness of purpose constitutes the starting point of all worthy achievement.

*Understand your financial requirements.  What’s it take to pay for your current lifestyle?  Versus the lifestyle of your dreams?  Use the 3 x rule.  $5000 to live on usually means $15,000/month moves the needle.

*Goals in 5 areas of life: Real Estate Treasure Map

*Do your daily actions reflect your Definiteness of Purpose? Create and follow your Ideal Schedule

Principle of Success 2: Creating A Mastermind Alliance

Success and achievement comes with the collective collaboration of two or more minds working together in perfect harmony towards the attainment of a common goal.

*Who you surround yourself with matters.  Who are you getting advice from? Who are you masterminding with?

*Premier Coaching Daily Mastermind for example.

*Media Free Life or at least mornings.

Principle of Success 3: Using Applied Faith

Faith is a state of mind, the awareness that our goals, desires, plans and purposes will materialize through our actions in the physical realm.

*What level of belief do you hold that your pursuits will equal results?  Apply this in every aspect of your business.  ‘Whether you believe you will or believe you won’t, you’re right!’ – Henry Ford

*Do you believe you’ll win that listing appointment? Do you believe you’ll set appointments from your lead follow up or are you ‘just getting through it’?


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