Over 50% of all Realtors rely on social media for their top lead-generating tech tool.

Social Media Remains Go-To Tool for Lead Generation

In a just released survey done by the National Association of REALTORS®, 90% of real estate survey respondents indicated that they use Facebook.  The second and third favorite social media apps used by agents/brokers were Instagram (owned by Facebook) and LinkedIn at 52% and 48%, respectively.

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How Do Agents Use Social Media?

Agents and brokers use social media to drum up business in hopes that social media will help them build and maintain relationships with their existing clients and to promote their listings.

However, a surprising 54% of agents and brokers said they use social media only because they feel are expected to use it, not because they liked using it nor because they thought social media was particularly effective in connecting with their clients.

On the other hand, 93% of agents/brokers prefer to connect with their clients via texts.  Phone calls and emails come after texting in terms of agent/broker preferences.

The tools agents/brokers use on a daily basis include:

  • 96% use a smartphone primarily for…
    • 95% to access email
    • 57% to access social media apps
    • 49% to access GPS
    • 44% to access document storage
  • 92% use a laptop or desktop computer
  • 64% use a cell phone (no internet/email)
  • 69% of agents/brokers have a website
    • 47% were “given” their website by their firm
    • Nearly 25% said they developed and maintain their own website

Firms & Brokerages Have Guidelines for Social Media Use

Many brokerages and firms, some 67% of them, have developed social media guidelines for their agents to use.  Of those 67%, 20% of brokerages have social media guidelines for their agents’ professional accounts, 34% have guidelines for both their agents’ professional AND personal accounts and 5% of brokerages have social media guidelines only for their agents’ personal accounts.

Future Gazing in Social Media

Most agents are looking to their brokerages to provide cybersecurity…the sooner. the better.  73% of agents believe they will use eSignature tech within the next 12 months; 53% of agents think they will use social media and 47% think they will use local MLS apps over the next year.

With all this reliance on social media, 41% of agents/brokers feel they’re on shaky ground in terms of understanding and keeping up with technology.  Clearly, brokerages and firms would do well to provide their agents with on-going tech tutorials to improve productivity, profitability and agents’ confidence levels.

Thanks to the National Association of REALTORS® and HousingWire.

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