Part II of this multi-part series on places to look for generating real estate leads focuses on offering free seminars/workshops, open houses/virtual tours, cold calling, thought leadership pieces, social media ads,  and scouring wedding/engagement announcements.

Generating More Leads Means Generating More Profit

The goal of lead generation is constant:  reach out to people you know, find new contacts, nurture your existing contacts and persistently refine and repeat your process.

Your strategies for generating your own leads must be multi-pronged.   Keep tried and true strategies and add the latest digital strategies.

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Places to Look Find Real Estate Leads

  1. Offer a Free Seminar/Workshop – Several newbie real estate agents swear by the benefits of offering a free seminar and/or workshop online. Agents who had NO clients or contacts when they became real estate agents found them as soon as they posted an online workshop or seminar with a specific topic of interest.  Don’t worry…users will find you if your topic is specific enough (How to Buy Your First House, How to Apply for a Mortgage, How to Buy and Sell a House at the Same Time, How to Find Down Payment Assistance Programs, etc.) and some of those users will become your clients.
  2. Host an Open House – In the Before Time, open houses meant physically opening the for-sale house to anyone and everyone who saw open house signs on street corners, ads in papers and on brochures, received emails/text, etc. In the Now Time, open houses mean both physically opening the for-sale house to anyone and everyone AND hosting a virtual home tour online and on your website.  Many Now Time buyers have become buyers by only “seeing” their house online via a virtual house tour. Since this specific multi-part series focuses on Tips to Generate Real Estate Leads, please research our website for other articles about making your virtual open house tours great.
  3. Cold Calling – You may not like doing it but cold calling WORKS. Make Cold Callingan integral part of your daily routine.  Put your cold calling contact lists together by compiling the phone numbers of your family and friends, their extended family and friends, any and all social media contacts you’ve cultivated, your FSBOs and any other phone numbers you’ve connected with via networking and in-person/online events.  Always maintain your “established” leads and members of your circle of influence people by cold calling so you can keep everyone up to date on current pricing, market trends, coming-soon listings, etc.  Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching has cold-calling scripts to help you.
  4. Contribute to Thought Leadership Pieces Answer Quora questions, and other sites like it, can help build your brand recognition and help leads find you online. Sign up for PR-focused email lists such as ARO, SourceBottle, JournoRequests,, that look for expert quotes on specific topics. For veteran agents, query Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and other well-established publications about becoming a guest author on their sites.
  5. Scour Marriage/Engagement Announcements – Though old-fashioned, some of these couples may be in the market for a home sooner or later if you put the right spin on it. Also check out Instagram for relevant hashtags and combine them with city-specific hashtags s such as:

– #marriage

– #weddingday

– #bridetobe

– #engaged

– #LAwedding  (or any city pairing)

10 Social Media Ads – The bang for the buck for social media ads can be good.  Consider running ads on your social media channels that targe your specific demographic potential client pool.  Open houses, new listings, your own social profile and specialties, etc. may very well warrant social media ads.

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