Your Step by Step Doorknocking Masterclass

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Today we’re talking about getting listings immediately, without buying leads, without having a never-ending drip system or paying referral fees.  Everyone listening can do this.  It’s door-knocking. 

This is a 4 part series, today’s show is part 1. 

Face-to-face, real conversations about real estate are highly effective if done strategically.  You know that face-to-face contact is far superior to any type of passive lead generation.  Let’s get into the strategy.  This is a 4-part series.


1.     Choose the right neighborhood.  A geographic location that you are comfortable working in and servicing and a great price range go without saying, but also find out how frequently homes actually sell in that neighborhood.  Use your MLS to run a history on the neighborhood you intend to knock.  Are there lots of sales and pending sales or has nothing sold there for the past 5 years?

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2.     Don’t go empty-handed.  Your job is to provide value so people at the door will want to talk to you, and people who you miss will be able to connect with you.  What’s of value?  Market stats.  What is for sale, what has sold, what are the average days on the market, and any other important facts that you would want to know if you lived there?  Create a 1-page fact sheet for the neighborhood and print them for your door-knocking day. You can call it ‘Bob’s Pleasant Acres Market Report’.  Bring a legal pad to take notes with. We’ll explain that in the next points.

Have your Pre-Listing Package ready in your car for when someone says “Yes, actually, we ARE planning on moving.  It’s funny you should pop by!”  Be prepared for success!

3.     Give the homeowners a reason to call you.  Your CTA or Call To Action is to ask you about what their home is worth in today’s market.  Include a few short testimonials and your abbreviated bio along with your mobile number and email address.  Hand them the flyer at the door or leave it behind under their doorstep.  

4.     Be conversational, using a friendly script at the door.  “Hi, this is Bonnie with eXp Realty here in Green Acres and I just wanted to pop by and introduce myself. I’m connecting with everyone here in the neighborhood and I’m just sharing a market update since everyone is talking about the real estate market these days.”

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Then, most importantly, stop talking and listen to what they say, what their questions are, and how you can be of service.  This can then turn into a version of the F-O-R-D script where you ask if they’ve always lived here, where they moved from, where they work, etc.  Ultimately it will come back around to a real estate discussion where you close with, “Who do you know who could use my help buying or selling real estate?”  Be ready to take notes.  Before you leave, ask if they’d like to keep updated via email.  Get that address!

Another script for the door is to find out what recently sold and if there were multiple offers you can talk about the fact that a home sold quickly on Elm Street, but there are still 5 other interested buyers who would love to live here. “Who do you know who is considering selling?”

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