Your New Year’s Lead-Gen Plan (Part 2)

If you missed part one, today we’re continuing our discussion of a 12-month plan for lead generation that helps you stay top-of-mind with your existing contacts while generating a wealth of new ones.

12-Step Recovery Plan To Break Your Dependence on Buying Leads

They're $20 each, only 5% convert - that's $400 per qualified lead! With quality like that, maybe Zillow should be paying YOU - not the other way around. There is a better way - and today you'll learn it!

Buying Buyer Leads: Smart Business Move or Waste of Money?

In today's special encore edition, we touch on the cost and value of buyer leads, and offer practical advice on how to make the best investment when you purchase real estate buyer leads.

Leveraging Broadcast For Local Real Estate Celeb Status

We’re joined today by Matt Wagner from Radio & Television Experts — a company that leverages celebrity endorsements on radio and television to help promote agents across the U.S.

Your New Year’s Lead-Gen Plan (Part 3)

if you’re like most agents, your goal should be to meet or beat your production goals for 2015. One of your best resources for this is your center of influence, or COI.
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