10 Steps To Have Massive Daily Motivation

Fact: The more physically fit you are, the more successful you are in other areas of life. Here's another fact: our most successful coaching clients, as well as the most successful business people in the world all WORK OUT regularly and vigorously.

Are You Ready To Hire A Real Estate Coach?

Maybe you like buying leads, you hate accountability, or you've already got a mentor in your office - or maybe you already know everything...

Make Today’s Success Into Career Longevity

Success isn't easy - and making it last is even harder.Today we're taking a hard, honest look at long-term success, and how you can make it last.

What is the #1 Must Have Quality of Top Agents?

The best agents are the ones who are the most responsive to their buyer & seller needs - and to truly understand what those needs are, you need to listen!

Your Perfectionism is Making You Broke

When you spend an inordinate time pursuing perfection, you end up undermining the dollar-productive activites that make you successful in real estate to begin with.

Are You A Real Estate Coward?

Are you guilty of "real estate cowardice", such as avoiding dollar-productive tasks in your real estate business?

5 Easy Steps To Increase Your Average Sale Price

Your commission isn't based on volume - it's based on price, and raising your average sale price can greatly influence the amount of money you make in real estate.

What Rich Agents Know That You Might Not

What’s your take on real estate career success? How do you visualize and plan to achieve it? How do you see success materializing in your own life?

Beverly Carter’s Son Speaks Out On Agent Safety

Our very special guest on today’s show is Carl Carter Jr., the eldest son of Beverly Carter. Since his mother’s death, Carl has made it his mission to promote safety awareness for Realtors®.

Tired of BUYERS? Become A Listing Agent!

Feeling tired & burned out working with buyers? That could mean its time to become a listing agent - and for a whole lot of really good reasons. Listing agents have more income stability!

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