Smart-home neighborhoods are springing up all over the US including in such neighborhoods in Seattle, Washington DC and Miami. How people actually feel about living in those smart-home neighborhoods is looking to be based upon age differences.

A fifteen-year-old described feeling “really fancy” to NPR’s Joshua McNichols about living in her smart-home and neighborhood. “I feel like (Alexa’s) my little servant or butler when (she) reminds me to go to cheerleading practice.” This 15-year old cheerleader’s older brother uses Alexa for his math homework while her younger sister uses Alexa to call her grandmother once a week. The youngest in the family, a three-year-old, likes to use Alexa to call up cake recipes so he can look at the photos of cakes.

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The mother of this brood uses Alexa to warm the house when she wakes up in the morning but feels less comfortable about have Alexa and other smart devices throughout her house and throughout her neighborhood. “I walk on the other side of the street, the side without smart homes just because I don’t feel like being on everyone’s cameras.”

In a recent Zillow study, buyers want things such as air conditioning and ample storage space much before they want smart home tech all over their homes and neighborhoods but reported buyers’ wants/needs are not stopping partnerships between builders and Amazon from going forward. Amazon is clearly motivated by wanting a wider push and adoption of its Echo smart speaker. LennarBuilders want Amazon smart-home products as ways to distinguish itself from other homebuilders. And some homebuilders even have Amazon Experience Centers in their respective developments.

Dave Garland with Second City Ventures, the investment arm of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) believes, “There is a new narrative when it comes to what ‘home’ means. It means a personalized environment where technology responds to your every need.”

Some residents in smart-home houses/neighborhoods like having features such as Amazon’s Ring. “Ring confirms the time when my kids (teenagers) come home. There are no more disputes…I have proof of (the time) via Ring.

Other residents, such as Therron Smith who works in tech and know the pros and cons of tech, told NPR’s McNichols, “Those cameras, light switches, all of it captures information. That data’s not just sitting there, just…empty. Somebody’s gonna look at it and leverage it to try to turn a profit, or try to create an ad so no one is just buying property that’s ‘smart’ or buying into a ‘smart’ neighborhood…they’re staking out a position on how far they’ll allow tech companies to intrude into their lives.


Thanks to Joshua McNichols with NPR for source data.

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