Metaverse Explained For Real Estate Agents | Real Estate Coaching (5)

Today’s podcast is part 5 of 5 podcasts about the Metaverse and what it really means to the real estate industry, real estate agents, and our future. 

Today Tim and Julie Harris answer your questions about the Metaverse:

All about Avatars. Most of the questions were about Avatars and how will interactions happen in the Metaverse. 

If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook has rebranded itself as ‘Meta’.  A Metaverse is a digital reality that marries social media, online apps and gaming, augmented and virtual reality, plus cryptocurrency, so we can all interact more efficiently online. 

That was the most epic run-on sentence ever, but necessary to explain all that’s involved with the Metaverse.

1 – How are we all supposed to interact?  Enter the ‘Avatar’, a representation of you.  You’ll have a very realistic depiction of yourself, but also the ability to upgrade your hairstyle, your clothing, accessories, and general look.  You’ll be able to be very creative or not creative…it’s up to you.  This is why your choice of Avatar is important.

2 – Your 3D Avatar is supposed to be a representation of your SELF, however, you have the opportunity to modify, upgrade and change so many things.  However, be careful of the subtleties.  

3 – For perspective, realize that you already have and are using Avatars every day, assuming you have any presence on social media at all.  You uploaded your picture to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on.  Some of you even update images every day.  These images already represent YOU.  Your Avatar is the next logical extension of this.


“Recently, avatars have become increasingly popular in the world of VR and in hardware and software systems that can replicate real-world movements using sensors. Usually, all of this falls into one of these categories:

Virtual Reality Avatars – A VR avatar is typically a first-person rendition where the user sees the world from the avatar’s point of view. Otherworld participants can see the upper torso part of the avatar, along with arms, but without the lower limbs. You’ll find this type in most rudimentary VR apps, which do not require complex leg movements or in-world mobility.

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  • Full body avatars – In a full-body avatar, sensors replicate and recreate the entire body’s movements through a kinematics system. As a result, the user has greater freedom of mobility inside the virtual world and can use all limbs to interact with digital assets. Sophisticated VR games typically use this type, and Facebook’s Metaverse will likely choose this route as well.

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From ‘

“Even in addition to voice or text chat that is ‘transmitted’ through your avatar, other people receive very subtle and seemingly invisible signals. Slight delays in text responses, the direction your avatar is facing in a virtual space, even sub-conscious clues that are sent through animations attached to your avatar – all of them result in other people being able to detect a wide range of emotional cues.”

“The innovations happening now are establishing new ways to think about how people will enter the Metaverse. Those innovations mean that our definitions and how we use avatars are fluid.

Back to Meta (formerly Facebook).  Yesterday they announced the following:

  • To offer people more ways to express themselves as their avatars, we’re adding new facial shapes and assistive devices for people with disabilities.
  • We’re partnering with the NFL so you can outfit your avatar to support the Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams.
  • We’re beginning to roll out our updated 3D Avatars to Facebook and Messenger and for the first time Instagram Stories and DMs, to people in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


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