Renovation Reality: Drywall, Ductwork and Dust

We’re back with Episode 17 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert Collette McDonald. During last week’s edition, a design flaw was uncovered. A concrete pad was a few feet away from the sliding glass door leading to the pool. This week, the solution for this issue is revealed.

Last week’s drama at the job site did set the project a bit, but the homeowner took the high road and let the contractor deal with issues at the site.

As we mentioned, progress on the project this week also includes a concrete patch to connect with the pool deck. A wood deck will match with the fence to make a better transition from the back door. The fence, cover for pool equipment and the decking all will be constructed from the same material for a uniform look and smooth transition throughout the pool area.

Inside the house, insulation is in and some dry wall has been added to the ceilings. This gives the project a more finished look, but it can create some potential issues.

With this work, a large amount of dust is being created. When doing a renovation like this, always make sure to cover your HVAC duct work. Once the work is complete, you may also want to have your duct work cleaned professionally.

Appliances, plumbing fixtures and lighting is on its way. Cabinets may be delivered in the coming days.

With just three weeks to go, the contractor is now under the gun to get the project done.

This week, Collette thanks viewers for their continued participation and urges you to always be careful before showing an incomplete renovation. Some people may not know what it entails. Watch the video through to the very end of this week’s episode so you don’t miss any Collette’s timely information.

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