Congratulations..You Took The Listing..Now What? (Part 2)

What happens next is entirely up to you - and how you handle it determines your success not only with this listing, but also with future listings and your earning opportunities in real estate.

Podcast: The Rise & Shine, Get Control of Your Time Daily...

Where did the time go?  That's what so many agents say around Noon when they realize that half the day is gone and they've done nothing to really move their business forward. Instead of basing their time and daily schedule on profit, they get sucked into passive activities and drama that gets them stuck in…

Campaigning for a Home? D.C. Market Tough for New Officials

With the start of a new presidential administration in the nation’s capitol comes a stream of new team leaders and lawmakers who all need one common thing – a place to stay. An influx of Trump administration members and Republican lawmakers has resulted in increased demand for premium housing in Washington, D.C., creating a spike…


Inside Leonardo DiCaprio’s $2.4 Million Listing

Leonardo DiCaprio is saying goodbye to Studio City. Or his portfolio is, at least. A 3,407-square-foot home the 41-year-old actor snatched up in 2014 for $2.05 million is now on the market for $2.395 million, the second property in as many weeks that DiCaprio is looking to unload. Built in 1937, the ranch-style home boasts four bedrooms, three baths,…


Amy Leyack with Vanguard Properties

In just 5 months with Tim & Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching, Amy's numbers are climbing!  With increased production, Amy is learning to not just be "busy" but to be productive.  Take a listen to her review...
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How To Be Motivated and Focused Everyday

Learn techniques for motivation and focus to help inspire you into action, keep you on-track with your production goals, and help you achieve success in 2015!

Fast Forward to Profits NOW: 16 Must-Do Steps! (Part 2)

If you're new, still feeling new, returning to the business or is just struggling to get back their game, then part 2 of today's show series is for you!  Knowledge is confidence, and we’re here to give you a plan that will get you into knowledge as quickly as possible. So, roll up your sleeves and…

Real Estate Survivor: The Plan to Get You Back to the Mainland!

If this were an episode of Real Estate Survivor, would you be getting voted off tonight? In the television series "Survivor" castaways sometimes got voted off because they were a threat to the grand prize, but at the outset, most of those first to go guys and gals were sent packing because they lacked valuable…

Why Aren’t YOU Rich (Yet)? Learn to DO what RICH people do.

Award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss the principles of building wealth in real estate, with a focus on taking action - and why it's an important part of your wealth building process too.

Your 12 Biggest Questions About Real Estate Success!

If you're doubtful, struggling, or wondering if you can be in this business; what you're doing thats helping or hurting, listen on to the Top 12 questions we get asked all the time. You're not alone!
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Nick Roshdieh, America’s #1 Short Sale Agent

Nick Roshdieh is a prototype of the new generation of Realtors who are dominating the real estate markets - he has become one of the nations leading Short Sale agents. He has nearly 100 Short Sale listings and is closing 20-30 short sales per month. Nick Roshdieh offers HÔM clients a solid record of outstanding…
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Celebrity Homes

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Often Include Foreclosures

When it comes to foreclosures, even a famous movie star can end up in red ink after hitting it big on the red carpet. The rich and famous live lifestyles that most of us can only dream about. However, when financial problems hit, they end up in the same situation as anyone, and that can…

Deepak Chopra Redefines Living Well With New Luxury Living Project!

Deepak Chopra, the New Age guru who advocates wellness consciousness in our overall eating, exercise, relaxation, etc. behaviors and habits, is offering us the opportunity to actually live in a wellness building system.  Chopra, along with the Property Markets Group, S2 Development and Delos Consultancy, is creating the first ever ultra-luxury residential project to be…

NFL Superstar Deion Sanders: Big Career, Tiny House!

Deion Sanders has moved from superstardom on the football field to superstardom in the broadcasting booth.  Sanders has also moved from a 29,000 square foot mansion that he owned to a 7,000 square foot home that he rented in Dallas to a 600 square foot retreat in Cedar Hill TX. Sanders fell in love with…




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