Breaking News: Is This The END OF ZILLOW?

Breaking News! ListHub will be cutting off the flow of new listings to Zillow effective April 7th, which could be the beginning of the end for real estate's largest listing portal.

Ben Salem: Keeping the Real Estate Secrets of Stars and Royalty!

Ben Salem is perhaps one of the most powerful agents in the US that you may have never heard of; and Ben likes it...

Podcast: Hawaii Superstar Margaret Reynolds!

Margaret Reynolds is Vice President of Brokerage for Elite Pacific Properties. Elite, which will close $1.2 billion in sales this year, is the highest...



Mark Mayer – Facebook Testimonial #thankful

Thankful for meeting Tim and Julie at a Howard Brinton seminar in 1999. They changed my life and made me successful today for selling...
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Podcast: 17 Life-Changing Principles for Prosperity & Purposeful Living (Part 4)

Today we conclude our series the 17 life-changing principles that Napoleon Hill penned after sitting with some of history's most notable millionaires and picking...

When The Going Gets Tough, The SMART Leave!

Yes, being persistent is a valuable asset in our trade, but don’t mistake being downright stubborn for healthy persistence. When the going gets tough, the smart leave — so know when it's come to go!

99% Of Your Success Will Come From This ONE THING

What is it? What could possibly be so BIG, and IMPORTANT, that the future of your real estate business rests on knowing what it...

Americans Face Post-Foreclosure Hell

Thousands of Americans who lost their homes during the foreclosure bust are about to experience another round of financial humiliation as deficiency judgements being springing up around the country

11 Must Have Millionaire Agent Habits (Part 3)

Who wants to be a millionaire? You do - and if you want to get there, it's going to take hard work, determination, and...
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Superstar Interview with Mike Linkenauger

Harris Real Estate University presents a Super Star Interview with Mike Linkenaugher. Listen to him talk about how he became an expert in short...
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Celebrity Homes

Johnny Depp in Deep as L.A. Home Seized

Johnny Depp is in the middle of a tough financial go these days.  Sure, he's a megastar who rakes in $20M up front for...

Did Kylie Finally Seal the Deal on Languishing Calabasas Home?

Did she or didn't she?  We don't know for sure but rumor has it that Kylie Jenner sold one of her four Calabasas homes....

Trump Childhood Home Making Rentals Great Again

The first home President Trump lived in as a child in Queens, N.Y., is set to make a family a great home after being...




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