The Only 7 Things That Make You Money in Real Estate

Fact: Every day, you’re either self employed or self un-employed. Your actions determine your outcome. Your actions must be dollar productive for you to succeed. Today, we're discussing the only 7 things that make you money in real estate .

Podcast: Mark Mayer – World Class Realtor With Engel & Völkers

We’re joined today by Mark Mayer, a world-class Realtor with Engel & Völkers. Mark is a top ten agent in the Hilton Head Island...

Ben Salem: Keeping the Real Estate Secrets of Stars and Royalty!

Ben Salem is perhaps one of the most powerful agents in the US that you may have never heard of; and Ben likes it...



Darrell Self from DMD Realty

Do you need a real estate coach like Tim & Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching?  Darrell did and he thinks you do too!
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How To Protect Yourself From Feeling Personally Attacked – (Part 1)

In our three part series, we give you 10 tips on how to build your emotional muscles so that when clients, friends and even family start throwing verbal punches, you won't be taken down!

Don’t Fake It If You Want To Make It!

No skill is more important than your ability to speak competently face to face. If you want to truly succeed in the real estate industry, you need to practice & master your ability to communicate in person.

Podcast: Massive Action Time! (Part 2)

New Agent, Newer Agent, Feel like a new agent, Struggling Agent, Returning Agent Massive Action Plan… If you are any of the above, or just FEEL like you...

Podcast: 7 Secrets to CRUSH Defeat Before it Crushes YOU! (Part 2)

In this business, multiple things each day can cause you to get off track, out of focus and can sometimes take you down the dangerous...

Podcast: Napoleon Hill’s 17 Laws of Success

Napoleon Hill is one of the best known and most respected authors for anyone who chose to change their lives from getting by to...
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Superstar Interview with Michal Zasowski

Harris Real Estate University Superstar Interview with Michal Zasowsky, listen to him talk about his experiences as a Polish expat who has worked hard...
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Celebrity Homes

Johnny Depp in Deep as L.A. Home Seized

Johnny Depp is in the middle of a tough financial go these days.  Sure, he's a megastar who rakes in $20M up front for...

Did Kylie Finally Seal the Deal on Languishing Calabasas Home?

Did she or didn't she?  We don't know for sure but rumor has it that Kylie Jenner sold one of her four Calabasas homes....

Trump Childhood Home Making Rentals Great Again

The first home President Trump lived in as a child in Queens, N.Y., is set to make a family a great home after being...




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