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Snowed in? It's still winter, but that doesn't mean you can hibernate and expect to achieve success! Today we're going to focus on achieving success despite the snowy weather & winter blues.

Keeping Success Simple – This is How!

Stop making real estate so complicated! Today we're discussing the essentials of how to achieve success in real estate, and help you avoid the extra...

Is Your Real Estate Business a Constant Struggle? Here’s Why!

They say life is a journey, but in order to get anywhere you actually have to MOVE!  When you're feeling like everything in your...


Brent Flewelling: How To Close 100 Deals In A Year

Brent’s focus is on customer service and results-based real estate, and he’s just passed 100 closings this year, with many more in his sales pipeline due before the end of the year.


Joe Angley from EasyStreet Realty

Increase your listing inventory and sales, just like Joe did with Tim & Julie Harris real estate coaching.  Before coaching, Joe had a random...
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10 Rituals To Take Control Of Your Morning

Wake up, hit the email, get distracted - what were you doing again? Time is money, so quit wasting it being disorganized and start a series of morning rituals designed to help you focus on productivity

Feeling Burned Out, Over Worked and Under Appreciated? Here’s Your Cure!

Don't quit now! There are lots of opportunities out there, and always remember that the difference between top agents & everybody else is that you're working on 2016 now, staying ahead of the competition.

Making The Right Choices For Unlimited Real Estate Success

Small choices add up to big results, if you’re not making the right ones, you could be in trouble. It’s easy to lapse into patterns of lazy, short-term thinking that lead to less-than-stellar results.

Why Aren’t YOU Rich (Yet)? Learn to DO what RICH people do.

Award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss the principles of building wealth in real estate, with a focus on taking action -...

Scarcity or Abundance? Why Your Success Mindset Matters!

What you get out of real estate depends on what you're looking for - and it depends a lot on your mindset & perspective, too. Today we're discussing the ideas of scarcity & abundance.
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Superstar Interview with Tim Rhode

Tim & Julie Harris of Harris Real Estate University present a Superstar Interview with top producing agent, Tim Rhode in this free real estate...
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Celebrity Homes

Gerard Butler Lists His Los Angeles Home

actor Gerard Butler, best known for flexing his abundant muscles in “300,” is quietly offering up his Los Angeles home for lease ($15,000 a month) or purchase ($4.4 million),...

Mary-Kate Olsen’s Celebrity Dream-Pad

Sure, some of you still think of Ashley Olsen as one-half of the twin-girl set (along with sister Mary-Kate) that stole the TV hit...

Prince Had Purchased The Purple Rain House

Last year, we noted that an iconic filming location in Minneapolis, the home of "The Kid" and his troubled parents from the legendary Prince...




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