Podcast: Frank Klesitz From Vyral Marketing

We’re joined today by Frank Klesitz founder of a video/email marketing company called Vyral Marketing, which he’s grown from scratch to $3+ million in revenue in 7...

Podcast: Tal Gur & The Art Of Fully Living

We’re joined today by Tal Gur, an internet entrepreneur, coach, traveler, financial freedom enthusiast, and the author of The Art of Fully Living. After leaving...


Sean Blankenship on Coldwell Banker’s CBx Application

We're joined today by Sean Blankenship, Chief Marketing Officer at Coldwell Banker Real Estate, to discuss the innovative new CBX application that promises to "bring big data to the kitchen table".


Mark Mayer – Facebook Testimonial #thankful

Thankful for meeting Tim and Julie at a Howard Brinton seminar in 1999. They changed my life and made me successful today for selling...
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Are you an Active Agent or a Passive Agent? Take the test NOW.

Award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss being active vs. passive in your career, and the difference that it makes to your...

Your Second Half 2015 Motivation and Business Plan (Part 2)

Award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris are going to discuss what you can expect in the second half of this year, and help you identify and capitalize on the opportunities in your market.

Podcast: Joshua Becker on The Pursuit of More by Owning Less

Look around you! Is all your "stuff" getting in the way?  Why do you own this or that?  Did you buy it because you needed...

10 Steps To Eliminate Negative Thinking (Part 1)

Today, we’re going to show you how to overcome that negativity and focus on being positive, upbeat and optimistic. You’ll witness immediate results in your career including easier communication with prospects & hearing 'yes' more often.

Podcast: Understanding how IRS Code 179 Saves You Money

Most people think the Section 179 deduction is some mysterious or complicated tax code. It really isn't, as you will see below. Essentially, Section 179...
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Collette McDonald, HGTV Host & Superstar Agent

We're joined by Collette McDonald to discuss Real Estate Coaching and the role it's played in her top-producing success. She is the founder of...
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Celebrity Homes

Johnny Depp in Deep as L.A. Home Seized

Johnny Depp is in the middle of a tough financial go these days.  Sure, he's a megastar who rakes in $20M up front for...

Did Kylie Finally Seal the Deal on Languishing Calabasas Home?

Did she or didn't she?  We don't know for sure but rumor has it that Kylie Jenner sold one of her four Calabasas homes....

Trump Childhood Home Making Rentals Great Again

The first home President Trump lived in as a child in Queens, N.Y., is set to make a family a great home after being...




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