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Our market-tested real estate systems & strategies will pave your way to financial & professional success.

Are you ready to take your real estate business to new heights? Our award-winning real estate coaching & training replaces your fears with ambition & your worries with success. It's a 1-on-1 approach with a personalized plan mapped out for you.


Our member success stories, from all different brokerages and backgrounds, prove that hard work pays off when you have the right road map.

Lindsey Iskierka

There is so much “fluff” in the real estate industry and Tim and Julie Harris are absolutely the real deal. If a real estate agent just stops looking for the “easy” button and follows their

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Kelly Stephenson

Harris Rules is a MUST for all agents new and seasoned. Simple, practical and tactical approaches to being the best in your industry!  I encourage anyone who wants real estate to be their career and

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Tabitha Kontur

As a high-level producing agent when I joined Tim and Julie Harris’s coaching program, their no nonsense, no excuses, just get back to the basics and turn off the rest training was just what I

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Prince Holman

Now let me tell you about Tim and Julie Harris there passion for Real Estate  is unmatched. It shows in their energy and dedication they bring to their coaching clients! I can attest to this.

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Rebecca Benson

From being in the trenches themselves and constantly hearing about real estate from across the globe it’s a friendly reminder of the basics WITH updated tech tips. Proving that integrity, constant connection and impeccable service

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Christy Godden

I in my first year of real estate and couldn’t have done it without Tim and Julie. Having people to go to with questions outside my office has been priceless. Tim and Julie (and team)

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Brad Inman

Tim and Julie carry an important message: Improve the habits and behavior of real estate agents, so they can better serve their customers. Cheers to that.

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Gersha Porter

Succinct, practical, to the point and immediately applicable . . . all of the coaching platforms from Tim and Julie Harris will get you jump started in your real estate career and keep you on

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Chris Heller

There are very few books I would recommend to a real estate salesperson—or any salesperson—but Harris Rules is one of them. The book is loaded with practical, proven processes that, if followed, will enhance your

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Hernan Sias

Tim & Julie have transformed the way I look at my business! I will never limit my beliefs and now only focus my attention on being of service to others!

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Dave Tatum

Tim and Julie tell the truth even though it hurts… them. Yep that’s right, many coaching programs are out to sell you the easy buttons so that you will, well, buy more easy buttons… I

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Gary Mitchell

After being 15 years in RE, Tim & Julie just know the right words to say.  Seems their intuition is just perfect. Just awesome how it works.  Just have to learn 4 or 5 scripts/stories

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Paola Lazo

Tim and Julie’s training has helped organize and focus my business on the tasks to take it to the next level! and it certainly works

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Darren McGillvrey

If you want a no nonsense, tell it like it is, meat & potatoes, tactical and practical way to grow your business you HAVE to read this book. Tim & Julie have proven systems, combined

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Brenda Rodgers Stone

I have had MANY real estate coaches and Julie is hands down the BEST. She is relevant, knowledgeable and empathetic but also no nonsense., If you are looking for accountability, expertise, and guidance to improve

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Steve Myers

In our oversaturated world of real estate training, marketers have selfishly clouded the message of how real estate agents make and keep money.  The industry message is muddy and confusing, keeping agents distracted from the

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Our daily show is focused on breaking news stories, real estate coaching & training advice, and interviews with industry leaders & vendors who serve real estate professionals. We’re proud to serve the real estate industry across dozens of channels & platforms.

what's included?

our programs

Our real estate coaching and training includes our entire Harris Learning Suite, thousands of market-tested scripts, powerful sales systems, and all the tools you need to succeed. You’re matched with a top-producer to give you their secrets, personalized strategies, and accountability.

Daily coaching call with Julie Harris. Semi-private DAILY coaching sessions where Harris coaches work with you on how to use the Premier Coaching program. Live daily access (not pre-recorded), your questions answered.

You’ll receive insider access to our member’s only Facebook forum, where you can share referrals and learn from tips & tricks to implement our coaching program from thousands of motivated real estate agents.

Complete access to hundreds of past coaching sessions. You’ll be able to listen to all of the past Premier Coaching calls as well as any daily content featured for members only.

Complete access to our Market-Tested Lead Generation Systems. Learn how to generate buyer & seller leads on-demand, with over 100 proven, trusted lead-generation techniques of the top-producers.

Learn how to overcome call-reluctance and become a master phone-prospector using our massive collection of scripts based on decades of calls.

This comprehensive collection of objection-handlers based on decades of experience from the nation’s top real estate agents.

Learn how to easily and effectively prequalify your buyer leads in order to focus on AAA approved buyers, keep your production at peak levels.

Learn how to locate hidden off-market inventory to show your buyers. Understand the buyer psychology in order to keep your production high and streamline the sales process.

Learn how to locate & prequalify motivated sellers, and use our proprietary Listing Evaluation, Pre-Listing Package & Listing Presentation to get the listing every single time!

Our Proprietary Pre-Listing Package has proven to work in all market conditions in all price ranges. You will learn how to win the listing by leveraging our proven, proprietary Pre-Listing Package.

Learn to establish healthy, productive thought-patterns and routines to enhance your business, and how to identify and overcome obstacles and negative thinking that lead to failure.

We’re going to teach you the psychology that drives buyers & sellers, and how to use DISC profiles to communicate and persuade different individuals the most effectively.

Our popular Real Estate Treasure Map is a fill in the blank business and life plan. You’ll easily create your step-by-step plan for real estate wealth & prosperity with our in-depth guide. Master the 5 areas of goal setting.

Our famous ‘Magic Number’ System teaches you how to find your “magic number” to set effective goals for lead-generation and production while scaling your business with multiple streams of income.

Our cutting edge ‘Top of Mind’ Marketing and branding gives you the advantage over the competition. Learn how to take your personal brand to new heights with our proven process.

We’re always connecting with the best and brightest of our industry and we’re giving you the chance to connect with them, too. From virtual webinars to in-person masterminds, you’ll always get the heads up.

find your groove


A powerful, yet affordable training solution for real estate agents seeking a proven, step-by-step “business in a box”.

Learn the secrets of the nation’s top agents with an easy-to-follow roadmap to success. It’s guaranteed to put your career into high gear!

elevate your learning

A Coaching Call Every Day

Live On FB Every Weekday

You get a coaching call M-F where you get ask the questions and spark the conversation.

Agents Supporting Agents

Receive instant feedback from comments from other agents in addition to your coach!

Listen To 1,000's of Past Calls

You'll get access to the archives with thousands of past coaching calls as each one is recorded for you!

Why You'll love

Real Estate Coaching

Daily Coaching Calls w/ Julie Harris

Semi-private DAILY coaching sessions where Harris coaches work with you on how to use the Premier Coaching program.

Market-Tested Lead Gen System

Learn how to generate buyer & seller leads on-demand, with over 100 proven, trusted lead-generation techniques that other top producers won't tell you.

1,000+ Scripts For Every Situation

You'll get access to our full collection of scripts for objection-handlers, pre-qualification, lead gen, follow-up, and much more. Perfected over decades and thousands of coaching calls.

you'll learn from

Successful Realtors

Building Your Perfect Schedule

The Harris systems and strategies have given new life to thousands of members and our personal approach will help you get your butt in gear. We promise.

Learn How To Work Smarter

Learn to take advantage of all the tools available to you. That's outsourcing the time wasters, hiring when you need to, and taking advantage of your down time so you're not stressed.

Break Free From The Chains

Sometimes we don't even see it. It's there and it's time for you to break free from the chains and live the life you deserve. No fluff here. No BS. Proven strategies.

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