Keeping Success Simple – This is How!

Stop making real estate so complicated! Today we're discussing the essentials of how to achieve success in real estate, and help you avoid the extra...

Is Your Real Estate Business a Constant Struggle? Here’s Why!

They say life is a journey, but in order to get anywhere you actually have to MOVE!  When you're feeling like everything in your...


Brandon Jackson from Easy Street Realty

We’re joined today by Brandon Jackson from Easy Street Realty to discuss the positive effects of real estate coaching & training on his real estate career.


Sara Gipson from Sirk & Company

After 5 years in the business, Sara Gipson from Padukah KY got herself a coach! She was looking for coaches with actual experience in...
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Real Estate S.O.S: Email From A “Desperate Agent”

A podcast listener identifying herself as a "Desperate Agent" reaches out to Tim & Julie for help! Falling short of her goals, making barely enough to survive, and pressed for time, she's ready to give up.

How To Go From Part-Time Agent To Full-Time Superstar (Part 2)

If you're on the fence about moving from part-time to full-time real estate, then listen to today's episode as we continue our discussion of how to effectively transition into a full-time real estate career without undermining your financial stability.

Why Don’t You Feel Motivated Every Day?

Today we're discussing how Daniel Goleman's model of Emotional Intelligence applies to motivation, and exploring how increasing your awareness can help you to quickly boost your motivation & results!

11 Must Have Millionaire Agent Habits (Part 3)

Who wants to be a millionaire? You do - and if you want to get there, it's going to take hard work, determination, and...

Warning: Hazard Ahead. Learn The Early Warning Signs You Must Avoid

Join Tim & Julie Harris in a discussion of some of the top "early warning signs" for problems in your real estate business based...
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Superstar Interview with Jesse Gonzalez

Harris Real Estate University presents a Super Star Interview with Jesse Gonzalez. Listen to him answer questions about how he has developed a real...
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Celebrity Homes

Gerard Butler Lists His Los Angeles Home

actor Gerard Butler, best known for flexing his abundant muscles in “300,” is quietly offering up his Los Angeles home for lease ($15,000 a month) or purchase ($4.4 million),...

Mary-Kate Olsen’s Celebrity Dream-Pad

Sure, some of you still think of Ashley Olsen as one-half of the twin-girl set (along with sister Mary-Kate) that stole the TV hit...

Prince Had Purchased The Purple Rain House

Last year, we noted that an iconic filming location in Minneapolis, the home of "The Kid" and his troubled parents from the legendary Prince...




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