Phone Prospecting Secrets That Actually Work

Don't miss this opportunity master the secrets of producing your own leads to ensure that you won’t need to use paid lead services ever again!

10 Ways to Push Through the 4th Q Problems!

It's the final push of 2016!  There's a headwind trying you stop you, but its time to drill down.  Everything from the weather, to the election drama, to the burned out end of year feeling is going to try to put a stop to your momentum! What can you do to make it happen in the face…

12 Killer Qualities of a True Entrepreneur (Part 4)

Are you a real estate agent or an entrepreneur?  Listen to our continuing discussion of the 12 absolute, must-have, kill qualities that define a true entrepreneur! We're also discussing your winter prospecting, our monthly expired-a-palooza reminder, and simple, concrete steps you can take right now to make it all come together for you! Listen to…


Bernice Ross on Real Estate Productivity Tools

Real estate coach Bernice Ross joins us to discuss the latest advances in technology, and walks us through a variety of new real estate productivity tools that promise to help agents perform better, more efficiently, and ultimately will help agents make more money. Learn more about Bernice on her website at


Ryan Hergot from Highgarden Real Estate

Tired of working 80 hours a week, Ryan Hergot got serious about learning to build a true real estate business and hired Tim & Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching to help him!  Hear his amazing review on what coaching has done for him so far!
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10 Steps To Eliminate Negative Thinking (Part 2)

Your job in real estate is to be of service to others, and to best achieve that, you need to stay optimistic, upbeat and proactive. That’s hard to do sometimes, and you always have to remain vigilant to ensure your work doesn’t suffer as a result.

Moments of Truth

Your business card, handshake, physical appearance, and response time to calls. They can be moments of truth that send a message about how seriously you take yourself professionally.

Are Your Pursuing Goals Or Just Dreaming?

Today we’re discussing the process taking your dreams, turning them into goals, setting milestones to achieve them and ultimately doing the work to transform your vision of success into a reality.

7 Proven Ways To Make Money NOW

We've all got bills to pay & every agent needs more money in the bank, and in today's episode, Tim & Julie Harris discuss 7 proven strategies for success to help you make money NOW in real estate.

Why You Should Become A Full-Time Agent (Part 2)

Today we’re continuing our discussion of what it truly means to transition from part-time to full-time agent, as well as the steps you must take to ensure a smooth, easy transition
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Tom Rossiter On The RESAAS® Social Network

We’re joined by Tom Rossiter, the President of RESAAS - a rapidly growing social and global referral network for real estate agents. His service allows agents to discover, network, learn, refer and connect with agents locally, nationwide and internationally. RESAAS started in 2013 as a social media website for agents, and quickly grew in size…
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Celebrity Homes

Gerard Butler Lists His Los Angeles Home

actor Gerard Butler, best known for flexing his abundant muscles in “300,” is quietly offering up his Los Angeles home for lease ($15,000 a month) or purchase ($4.4 million), Variety reports. The Spanish Revival-esque home sits on a hillside in the Los Feliz neighborhood, and was picked by the Scottish star in 2007 for $3.25 million. While it’s not officially on the…

Mary-Kate Olsen’s Celebrity Dream-Pad

Sure, some of you still think of Ashley Olsen as one-half of the twin-girl set (along with sister Mary-Kate) that stole the TV hit show “Full House.” But after years of working in New York City and turning their luxury clothing line Row into a commercial and critical success, it should come as no shock…

Prince Had Purchased The Purple Rain House

Last year, we noted that an iconic filming location in Minneapolis, the home of "The Kid" and his troubled parents from the legendary Prince film Purple Rain, was on sale. As originally reported in The Current, it turns out the late music star himself was the buyer. A search of property records reveals that the home was owned…




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