Premier VIP Coaching

Premier VIP Coaching gives you a personal, weekly exclusive coaching call with your coach from our staff of trained licensed professionals, hand-selected by Tim & Julie Harris. You’ll also get access to our daily semi-private coaching call with Julie Harris, our members-only Facebook group, and our massive online library of coaching & training curriculum.

This program provides a wealth of coaching and training on crucial topics for success such as  lead-generation & followup strategies, sales & objection-handling scripts, our proven pre-listing & listing process, as well as business planning, time-management, team building and leadership training.

Premier VIP gives you more! You’ll also receive full access to Pre-Listing Package & listing presentations, along with our our coveted Short Sale, REO & BPO, and Technology coaching curriculum, which provides a wealth of lead-generation & money-making strategies that allows you to achieve success in any market conditions!

“Coaching means everything to me. It’s a game-changer, and a life-changer. It’s about fresh perspective, someone helping me stay accountable for my success, and I like having somebody else to help find solutions to problems that I wouldn’t have found myself. Honestly, we live a fantastic life, we’ve got a great business, and most of that comes from being in a structured coaching program with Tim & Julie Harris.”

  • Lance Kenmore, Kenmore Team 

What This Program Includes

  • Get your own weekly exclusive coaching call with a your coach from our staff of trainged licensed professionals, and learn the secrets to real estate success as you work with them to implement our systems to grow your business!
  • Get insider access to the daily coaching call with Julie Harris – the must-listen semi-private event where she walks you through key aspects of our coaching program and answers all your most difficult questions in our daily Q&A session!
  • You’ll receive insider access to our member’s only Facebook forum, where you can share referrals and learn from tips & tricks to implement our coaching program from thousands of motivated real estate agents.
  • Learn how to generate buyer & seller leads on-demand, with over 100 proven, trusted lead-generation techniques of the top-producers.
  • Learn how to overcome call-reluctance, and become a master phone-prospector using a comprehensive collection of scripts and objection-handlers based on decades of experience and thousands of coaching calls.
  • Learn how to easily and effectively prequalify your buyer leads in order to focus on AAA approved buyers, avoid time-wasting lookie-loos, and keep your production at peak levels.
  • Learn how to locate hidden inventory to show your buyers, run a buyer seminar, and understand the buyer psychology in order to keep your production high and streamline the sales process.
  • Learn how to locate & prequalify motivated sellers, and use our proprietary Listing Evaluation, Pre-Listing Package & Listing Presentation to get the listing every single time!
  • Get all the scripts, objection handlers and coaching required to master the “art of of the deal” and learn to effectively negotiate and close deals in any market conditions.
  • We’re going to teach you the psychology that drives buyers & sellers, and how to use DISC profiles to communicate and persuade different individuals the most effectively.
  • Learn to establish healthy, productive thought-patterns and routines to enhance your business, and how to identify and overcome obstacles and negative thinking that lead to failure.
  • Learn how to implement daily minimum standards, visual accountability, simplify workflow & deal-tracking, and use our proprietary “Daily Success Game” to stay focused on dollar-productive tasks & track your key performance metrics.
  • Learn how to thrive in any market conditions with our “Real Estate Survival Guide” as you create a step-by-step plan for real estate wealth & prosperity with our in-depth business planning guide.
  • We’re going to teach you how find your “magic number” to set effective goals for lead-generation & production, and how to scale your business and create multiple-streams of income to avoid the “feast or famine lifestyle”.
  • Learn how to win every single listing presentation by leveraging our proven, proprietary Pre-Listing Package along with our step-by-step, scripted Listing Presentation that gives you an in-and-win 30-minute presentation strategy!
  • Learn how to build a top-producing real estate team to help you effectively keep up with your growing real estate business, and how to structure & plan your team to avoid “growing pains”.
  • We’re going to teach you who to hire, when to hire them, how to train them, and the fundamentals of managing your team’s roles & dollar-productive activities in your real estate business.
  • Learn the essentials of real estate marketing and how to brand yourself & how you can inexpensively leverage internet, broadcast & print media to establish yourself as a community real estate leader. We’re going to teach you how to identify your ideal customer and deliver your message effectively.
  • We’re also going to teach you practical strategies to effectively use technology in your real estate business, to help you generate more leads, manage your center-of-influence (COI) and contacts, and create a pipeline for lead conversion.
  • Quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively scale your real estate business with our proven, trusted list vendors for lead generation, workflow & CRM systems, traditional & digital marketing tools, freelance & virtual assistants, phone-systems & more!
  • Demystify the process of generating, listing, selling and closing Short Sale transactions, and learn to generate an abundance of short sale opportunities as your market’s short sale expert, while you learn how to expedite short sales using our streamined process.
  • Get detailed training in REO industry fundamentals like evictions, cash for keys, and securing MMRS. You’ll also learn how to make money now by doing Broker Price Opinions and how to effectively leverage that into coveted REO listings.
  • Get over 500 REO asset manager contacts, instruction on becoming a lender-preferred REO agent, and Tim and Julie Harris’s “5 BPOs In A Day” program.
  • Get full access to our library of real estate superstar interviews with top-names in the real estate industry, as we drill down on key focus areas to learn how each of our superstars became highly successful in their local marketplace.