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Real Estate Coaching Radio® is a nationally syndicated daily podcast for real estate agents & brokers launched in 2014, serving millions of real estate agents, brokers & industry professionals across the United States.

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Real Estate Coaching Radio

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Tim & Julie

Tim & Julie Harris have helped thousands find real estate success with their best-in-class coaching program. From their Best-Selling book, “Harris Rules,” to their award-winning podcast, they’re giving realtors the best versions of themselves. Make the mindset shift today!

Our daily show is focused on breaking news stories, real estate coaching & training advice, and interviews with industry leaders & vendors who serve real estate professionals. We’re proud to serve the real estate industry across dozens of channels & platforms.

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Although we do like to shake things up, we all have routines and platforms we prefer. That’s why we broadcast daily on them all.





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Mindset Shift.

These are the 3 Harris pillars that we hold all of our members accountable to. They aren’t just words to our community. They are building blocks in which we design a powerful road map to success on. Without them, we would not be here today and I promise you that.


Growth at all costs is so important. It doesn’t have to be fast, it doesn’t have to be efficient, but it has to happen. We’ll help you get there. 


If you’re not pushing the boundaries on what is possible, then you’re going to get left behind.

Mindset Shift

We truly believe in being uncomfortable. Too much comfort breeds complacency and we’ll help you break free from this.