Success isn’t easy – and making it last is even harder. In the fast-paced, highly-competitive, and rapidly changing world of real estate, that’s especially true. The big-name agent in your local town today might have been a complete unknown just a couple of years ago – and they may disappear from view just as quickly.

The fickle nature of the marketplace is a industry, but it doesn’t have to be the determining factor over lasting success in your career. You do have a choice – and if you make good business choices, you can outlast the competition and achieve true, long-term success.

Today we’re taking a hard, honest look at long-term success, and the behaviors, habits, and mindset that help you make it last. In real estate, lots of agents come and go, but when you add the key principles of lasting success into your career, you’re likely to achieve more and stay longer in real estate.

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