In this business, multiple things each day can cause you to get off track, out of focus and can sometimes take you down the dangerous path of wallowing in defeat and discouragement.  What do you do when you end up on the ‘dark side?’

Today we give you 7 secrets to overcoming the defeat you’re feeing in your business and tell you how to rise up and get back in the game!  In the first of our two part series we address the issues of ego, being present, and the three R’s (reflect, recover and recalibrate).

  1. Remove your ego. Ego stands for Edging God Out.  Stop making everything about YOU all the time. (Need more clarity on ego? We suggest Ryan Holidays book “Ego is the Enemy.“)
  2. Wherever you are, BE there. Be present. (We’re not talking about just physically either!)
  3. Reflect, recover and recalibrate. (We do this a lot with you in our coaching sessions) 

We’ll help you separate the temporary discouragements from the long term battles so you can effectively keep moving forward.  A big part of the battle is your efforts in catching yourself and not being dragged down by the thoughts, words or negative circumstances of the day.

Secret: The negative things you’re reading online, seeing on the news, and listening to from others are only reinforcing those discouraging thoughts, keeping you stranded on the “island of defeat” longer!

And once you’re on that island, it feels awfully lonely, right?  The isolation of those negative thoughts is another thing stopping you from moving forward.  We’ll touch on that idea of sharing and accountability to others in Part 2 of this series.

In the meantime, don’t let any of the big “D’s” take hold of you.  Instead, what action will you take from these points to crush defeat before it crushes you and your goals?

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