Are your buyers feeling nervous, confused, or just downright lost regarding their home loan & purchase process? Relax! For most buyers, even if they’ve purchased a home in the past, it’s normal to be feeling lost. That’s why you’re there – to help them through the process.

Especially for the first time home buyer, the amount of details and tasks can feel overwhelming, particularly for clients who lack natural organization skills!  While you’re not their mother, it is your job to give them every tool to help them manage the to-do lists of buying a home, before missed deadlines derail their process.

For seasoned buyers, lists are still helpful.  They likely remember the highlights of what they need to do, but the emotional stress and strain of moving can cloud their thinking and still cause them to get off track.

Not only will they benefit from check-lists and timelines, but they will also benefit from Do’s and Don’ts, put in writing where they can easily refer to them and lock it in their memory. It also makes it abundantly clear that they were told in advance.  One of the most frequent scenarios where buyers need extra education (even at the risk of sounding like a broken record!) is a list of what NOT to do during the loan process!  How many buyers have seen their dreams of home ownership slip away at the last minute by making the foolish mistake of taking on more debt while still in the loan process?

In addition, buyer can being their process with the proper budgeting worksheets and dream home lists, making their ideas more concrete and your job a lot easier.  As they move through the process, checklists for the home loan process itself and a closing cost worksheet will outline the process and help them set deadlines for gathering their information.  And finally, near the end, a moving checklist will help them sort through the logistics they didn’t think about initially and assist them in moving their treasured belongings in a way that ensures they account for everything.

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