Ever seen the word “Vlogger” before? Vloggers are drone operators and soon, if not already, Vloggers will become essential marketing specialists within the real estate industry.  Vloggers have been giving us top quality 360 degree views of home interiors for a while. Now, they’re giving us top quality birds’ eye views of home exteriors, landscaping, nearby parks, schools and grocery stores.

Triad New Home Guide in North Carolina is jumping on board this real estate marketing tool big time.  Triad has just announced the launching of its very own drone video services to complement its focus on new home construction.  Triad’s drone video services include such neighborhoods as Bidding Hall, Caleb’s Creek, McConnell, Pilot Bluff, Reagen Point, River Gate, The Bluff’s at Riverstone, Warren’s Gate and Waterford Glen.  Triad’s participating builders include DR Horton, Emerald Homes, Freedom Homes, Shugart Homes and Ofey Construction.

This drone is being used to take aerial view photo and video of the property.

Natalie King, media specialist for Triad said, “The use of drone filming is a fresh and updated way to shop the real estate market.  The videos provide holistic views of the home’s area and a feel for what communities offer in the context of the specific location (of the home).  All of Triad’s drone pilots have FAA commercial licenses and all are trained in both drone usage and photography essentials.  All the Triad drones maintain a safe altitude of 50 – 100 feet. and do not fly directly over vehicles, pedestrians, structures.

Roger Beam, executive director of the Center for Retail Innovation at Wake Forest University believes that “…the day is coming when this (drone video service) will be the norm for real estate marketing communications…this added dimension provides additional information and perspective which can help sell.  In real estate, as in most other industries, (selling) is the name of the game.”

The present and future of drones in the real estate and construction industry is yet to be written as yet but Triad is betting on drones being a huge asset to realtors, buyers, sellers and builders alike.  Chances are that property appraisers, home inspectors, visionary and master planners and perhaps even lenders will follow Triad’s lead.

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