I work as an Agent in New Home Construction and your strategies work in this field!! You have broken the mold as far as coaching in this sector of real estate. There are coaching industry standard superstars, however the Harris team make it so easy to understand, and apply!

I find myself after listening to an industry standard coach I’m walking away feeling like the blueprint(road map) hasn’t been clarified. I feel like I need more straight talk and less fluff. With Tim and Julie I have never walked away from a Podcast feeling like I still don’t have relevant tools to stand out, get new perspective and work smarter. The coaching for prospecting, relationship building, work ethic, objections, scripting, figuring out what you need to live your best life and most important how to help the most people in the highest and best way!!

I could go on and on how much I appreciate Tim and Julie’s insight and frankness. Their Podcast have opened my eyes to the reality of real estate and what it takes to be successful! Harris Rules has told the truth about mapping out a way to gain more financial control over ones life! I’m thankful for the hard facts especially in the world of spin. Buying this book is like an investment in your continued education but in the most practical applicable way!!

Thank you !!!!! #DrillDown

– Arika

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