Harris Rules is now a #1 International Best Seller on Amazon in over 30 business categories and 10 countries worldwide! To celebrate the success of our book, we’ve started doing an exclusive series of mastermind events to celebrate – only for people who’ve bought the book.

Buy Harris Rules now for $1 on Amazon – it’s a special promotional price, no gimmicks or gotchas – and when you do, you can register for the free 90-Day Harris Rules Mastermind Event.

The event takes place every Friday at 10am Central time, and if you missed this week’s event on Friday, Oct 5th, you can listen to a replay of it right here.

In it, we do an in-depth drill down on what it takes to be successful in real estate, including topics like:

1. Practical, no-cost lead generation
2. Working your network & sphere of influence
3. Effective lead followup
4. Tricks, tips & scripts for lead conversion
5. What “list to last” really means for your business
6. How to set income goals and work them in reverse as an agent
7. Best CRM, software, and lead-generation vendors to work with.
8. Much, much more!

Like we said earlier, this isn’t a joke or a gimmick. If you haven’t bought the book yet, that $1 price won’t last forever – so do it now, and then go ahead & register for the event using the links above.

Thank you – and thank you to everybody who helped us make this a best seller!

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