One of the key drivers for growth of your real estate brand is marketing, and getting yourself in front of prospective clients remains a must for every agent in today’s cut-throat market.

Web-based real estate technology has been a boon for clients. According to a Forbes report, over the years agents have seen real estate transactions continue to increase as employees and job seekers become more mobile and interest rates have stayed at historic lows. As agents, we see our emails flooded every day.

Agents can turn to Amitree, a Bay Area startup whose Folio product automatically sorts emails by transaction.

A large number of REALTORS® have begun using this email plug in since its launch last year, enabling Amitree to see more than 10 percent of all U.S. real estate transactions.
Amitree Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Aizen told Forbes that REALTORS® all have their own brand and for any brand the customer experience is key.

The software allows REALTORS® to confirm or add all of their key deadlines, which will then schedule reminders for them to keep everyone on track.

The agent also can set the reminders up so that the homebuyers and the seller’s agent receive the reminders as well. It builds an automatic communication channel between REALTOR® and client, so that the client knows about upcoming deadlines and can reach out with any additional questions.

Another platform is like Agentology, helping agents to reduce response times to initial inquiries.

According to Forbes, the immediate lead qualification occurs within 5 minutes of the first inquiry.

Another hot buzzword is artificial intelligence, which can prove to be a game-changer when it comes to automation and communication with a consumer.

Homebuyers are working with real estate agents now more than ever before – it is very much a relationship business. AI tools should always help strengthen relationships, rather than eliminate them.

Folio is tapping data to get a pulse on national trends, which can prove to be another key weapon in every agent’s marketing arsenal.

Folio is used on thousands of transactions every day – literally five percent of the overall home-buying transactions in the U.S., which provides great scale for the overall market.
REALTORS® who know where the trends are moving can give them actionable data and gain a competitive edge in busy markets. It also can help target a marketing message, ensuring prime efficiency.

“This is true for agents, brokerages, and the greater real estate tech ecosystem as well,” said Aizen. “Today, we’re beginning to explore how we can surface insights to them to help them make better marketing decisions as well.”

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